Crucial Dog Training Tips to Learn During National Train Your Dog Month

Dog Grooming

Have you noticed unpleasant behavior in your dog during car rides and trips going to your local dog groomer? For many dogs, stressful situations can result in naughty behavior. However, there are tactics you can work on with your puppy–and dog training is one of them.

Time spent on puppy training will be beneficial for both you and your dog. Good puppy behaviours will help your puppy have a good relationship with other animals and people that interact with them. A properly trained puppy will cause less stress when visiting their local dog grooming professional. This training will help make your furry friend a more enjoyable companion and make your time spent together a positive experience.

Best Tips and Practices for Training Your Dog

When you bring home your new dog or puppy for the first time, there are several key resources you should secure to help your new family member live a happy, healthy life.

You will need to find a dedicated vet clinic or hospital, dog training resources, and a dog groomer near you. From about the eight-week age mark, you can begin basic obedience training at home. Professional dog trainers can certainly support your pup’s training; however, you can begin with simple commands and exercises on your own.

Here are some tips to consider as you get started:

  • Keep sessions short: Aim for training sessions that last for approximately 15 minutes in length each day. When your dog is young, you can break this up into a few short sessions and keep them fun for your furry friend. You need to stop the training if you find that your dog is distracted or tired. Try an alternate time for your future training sessions.
  • Reward positive behavior: Your puppy will learn through the consequences of their behavior. If their actions result in receiving a treat, they are likely to continue with this behavior to keep getting rewarded. To enforce this, ensure your family members all react to positive behavior in the same way for consistency.
  • Use simple commands: When working on commands with your dog, keep them clear, short, and easy to understand. Once your dog gets the hang of a specific command, practice it in various locations, around different people, and in unfamiliar situations—like dog grooming—to reinforce the behavior.
  • Practice patience: It is completely normal to experience setbacks during your dog’s obedience training. Patience is key to ensuring you and your dog do not get frustrated with the process. Remember to take breaks and keep training sessions short, so that they are an experience you both enjoy.

Proper Training Is Just Part of a Good Life for Your Furry Friend

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is a multi-faceted responsibility. An effective training schedule is just one of those facets. Proper diet, regular vet checkups, and consistent dog grooming are all important as well. If you are looking to help your dog look and feel its absolute best, connect with us at Smoochie Pooch. We offer salon grooming, mobile grooming, and skin therapy treatments that focus on quality care for your pet.

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