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Maintaining your pets’ health and cleanliness improves their overall quality of life. Did you know that long nails can cause discomfort to pets? They can even lead to arthritis in the long run. This is an example of how a small aspect of regular dog grooming makes a world of difference in your furry best friends’ daily living. For all your dog grooming needs, you can count on Smoochie Pooch for that. We are home to ‘dog groomers near me with positive reviews’. Our Dyer dog grooming salon is fully equipped with all the tools and products that enable us to give the best to your furry friends. 

Smoochie Pooch’s Philosophy: What Makes Our Dog Grooming Dyer Salon Different?

Here at our Pet Grooming Dyer salon, our philosophy is simple: that all our four-legged clients and their owners have a positive experience. Instead of providing a standard set of services for everyone, we take the time to assess your pets’ specific needs, such as allergies and breeds. The same factors are considered when selecting the products to be used on your pet. Our in-house veterinarian will step in to provide some professional guidance for those that require advanced medical prognosis.

Smoochie Pooch pet groomers have been trained under the Certified Pet Aesthetician Program by Iv San Bernard. As cat and dog parents themselves, they know how it feels to entrust your pets’ care to someone else. This is why our dog groomers and staff always make sure that your pets receive the appropriate care in a gentle and non-traumatic manner. In doing so, your pets will feel more at ease for future pet grooming sessions. 

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Pet Grooming Near Me

Mobile Dog Grooming in Dyer: Smoochie Pooch Pet Groomers Go to You!

As much you love your dogs, there are times when your lifestyle makes you forget or lack time to bring them to the dog groomers. Hiring ‘home service dog groomers near me’ could have been an option. 

The good news is that Smoochie Pooch has something even better! Our dog grooming team can offer the same level of services, tools and products but in a more convenient way. Smoochie Pooch’s special pet grooming van is fully equipped with all of these. We don’t have to make a mess at your place, and you don’t have to worry about traveling.

Our mobile pet groomers give  one-on-one attention, typically lasting for 30-40 minutes. After they are done, your pets are brought back to your doorstep, looking and feeling fantastic. As your trusted dog grooming near me, desensitizing and organizing our van is part of our duty. We accept all cats and dogs, regardless of their size, age, condition, and breed.

Top-Rated Pet Grooming in Dyer

Smoochie Pooch is the go-to place of many locals for their dog grooming needs. From bathing and cutting to ozone spa therapy and shed relief system, you can count on us to do those well. Quit wasting your time looking for ‘dog grooming near me with positive reviews’ or ‘dog grooming in Dyer with five stars’.  You are in the right place with Smoochie Pooch.

Book a session with our exceptional dog groomers today! 

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