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Best-Rated Pet Grooming in Griffith

Offering dog grooming in Griffith, Smoochie Pooch is a safe, peaceful, and cozy environment for your pets to relax in. We understand that cats and dogs feel uneasy or scared whenever their owners leave them in unfamiliar places. This is why our pet grooming team goes above and beyond to make them feel that we are their friends and they could trust us. 

Stop wasting your time researching for a dog salon near you because you are already in the right place.

Your Reliable Dog Grooming: Our Philosophy

No matter the size, breed, or specific health conditions of your pets, know that our pet groomers and staff always make sure that they have a positive experience with Smoochie Pooch. Our pet grooming Griffith salon comes with a complete range of all-natural Iv San Bernard products and modern tools so we can provide excellent services consistently. 

We even have a state-of-the-art ozone bathing machine that infuses fresh oxygen into warm and clean water. Our dog grooming team highly recommends this to pets suffering from arthritis, muscle pain, allergies, and wounds. However, if you simply want to treat your pets to a spa day, this treatment is fantastic to jumpstart their relaxation.

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What Makes Smoochie Pooch Pet Groomers Different?

All of our cat and dog groomers are trained under the Certified Pet Aesthetician Program by Iv San Bernard. They are experts in providing specific dog grooming techniques, advanced skincare solutions, non-traumatic pet grooming, and more.

As pet parents themselves, they understand how hard it is for owners to leave their pets into someone else’s care. This is why it is also part of our pet grooming team’s responsibility to make you feel satisfied and happy with our work.

Mobile Dog Grooming in Griffith: Smoochie Pooch Dog Groomers Are Coming to You!

Do your pets despise traveling? Don’t have enough time and energy to bring your pets to our dog grooming salon? Would you rather book at-home services? 

With Smoochie Pooch’s mobile pet grooming in Griffith, your pets can experience the same level of services done at our salon but in a more convenient setting. Here, your beloved pets receive one-on-one attention, making it perfect for dogs or cats that get anxious when surrounded by other loud and equally nervous animals. Once done, our pet groomers deliver them right back to your doorstep, feeling clean and happy.

Are you worried about your pets’ health? Our special van is also regularly desensitized to prevent the possible spreading of germs and diseases. From surfaces to tools, we make sure to prepare everything ready for the next furry client to hop in.

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Experience High-Quality Dog Grooming Near Me

Don’t settle for anything less than what your extended family members deserve. Choose dog groomers who are talented, highly experienced, and passionate in what they do. Call us today to reserve a schedule at our dog grooming Griffith salon.