Hydro Ozone Treatments – What Are the Benefits?

A Hydro Ozone treatment is an effective therapy option that can ease stress, reduce physical fatigue, relax joints and muscles, and treat skin and coat issues. This technologically advanced pet skin therapy generates ozone to treat health conditions in a way that traditional therapies cannot. As an example, Ozone therapy for dogs can function as a powerful and rapid-acting oxidizer that targets all types of bacteria, mold, yeast spores, and viruses.

An Ozone dog spa bath can also provide vitality to nervous dogs or to those who have experienced trauma. Additionally, this advanced treatment option can reduce fatigue and stress in working dogs and improve circulation in older pets. If you’re looking for options in Indiana to support your dog’s health, this treatment is worth considering.

Top 3 Benefits of Ozone Therapy for Dogs

Using Ozone treatments as part of your dog’s therapy can reduce their healing time and get results that can’t be accomplished using medication alone. It’s important to talk to your Indiana pet groomer and veterinarian before embarking on a treatment plan, but keep reading to learn more about the amazing benefits an Ozone dog spa bath can provide.

  1. Treatment of skin and coat conditions. Hydro Ozone treatments offer anti-bacterial benefits, which are very helpful when it comes to treating seborrhea, alopecia, yeast infections, and skin allergies. It also helps alleviate itchy skin and eczema.
  • Therapeutic massage. The powerful bubbles stimulate and activate your dog’s body tissues. Ozone therapy for dogs has been shown to relieve tension, inflammation, and fatigue while encouraging the production of red and white blood cells. In addition to providing relaxation for your dog, their internal organs are also stimulated, which improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • A deep clean. An Ozone spa bath treatment will gently loosen grease and dirt from your dog’s skin. The treatment’s powerful bubbles clean capillaries in the skin, which allows skin tissue to breathe better, resulting in a happier and healthier dog.

Where to Find Hydro Ozone Treatments in Indiana

Smoochie Pooch in Indiana is proud to offer state-of-the-art Hydro-Massage Ozone Spa skin therapies for pets. This pet-safe system uses an ozone generator to create ozone in the water resulting in ultrasonic waves that massage your dog’s skin, loosens dirt, and relaxes their muscles. Ozone therapy for dogs is one of the most beneficial therapies available. If you think your dog’s skin and coat could benefit from this type of therapy and would like to find out more, please contact us.