The Importance of Keeping Your Dog’s Nails Trimmed

Dog’s Nails Trimmed

If you find yourself slightly panicking when you think of dog nail clipping, you’re not alone. Turns out that many Indiana pet owners get nervous when it comes to trimming their dog’s nails. Unfortunately, ignoring their nail care needs isn’t an option. It is an important dog grooming task that helps keep your pup happy and healthy.

When you don’t clip your dog’s nails regularly, they can end up growing too long, which can cause health concerns. Just like humans, dogs’ nails continuously grow and require proper trimming. Their nails don’t get worn down enough naturally simply by walking outside.

Why Dog Nail Clipping Matters

Regular dog grooming will help you ensure that your pet is looking and feeling its best. While it’s nice to have a sweet-smelling pooch with a lovely haircut, don’t forget that grooming takes care of other important elements too like their eyes, ears, and nails. It’s a good idea to find local dog grooming services that you trust to book appointments regularly so that your pet has its grooming needs met.

Here are the risks that come into play when you leave your dog’s nails too long:

  • Nails that are too long can be torn, cracked, or chipped. This can result in a painful injury that might require a trip to the vet.
  • Overgrown nails also make it harder for dogs to walk comfortably and can place undue pressure on their nail bed. Long term, this can even affect their toe and paw joint alignment.
  • Long nails provide less traction, making it harder for your dog to find their footing.
  • In extreme situations, nails can twist or curl and become embedded in the dog’s paw pads.

Smoochie Pooch – Local Dog Grooming Services in Indiana

Now that you know more about the importance of dog nail clipping, it’s time to book an appointment for grooming at Smoochie Pooch. We’ll take care of your dog’s nails, ears, eyes, skin, and coat. We will make sure to do all that we can to help them look and feel their best. Our highly trained groomers know how to properly groom dogs of all breeds and we’ll work with you to ensure that your pet gets the care and attention we know you want them to have. With six convenient locations in Indiana and our mobile grooming services, Smoochie Pooch is the only local dog grooming service you’ll need. Contact us to book an appointment.