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Top Notch Dog Groomers in Malden

Locals know smoochie Pooch for providing high-quality pet grooming in Malden. By prioritizing your pets’ unique needs and your expectations, you can feel at ease that you are making the right decision for their health and safety. Smoochie Pooch’s professional cat and dog groomers will happily welcome your pets, no matter what their breeds or skin conditions are. 

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What to Expect with Our Professional Dog Grooming in Malden

We offer free consultations for first-time clients who want to get a better idea about our specific dog grooming treatments. In this, we can exchange questions, learn more about your furry friends, set expectations for both parties, and more. Our professional veterinarian will also diagnose specific ailments of the hair, skin, nails, teeth, joints, bones, and muscles. Only then can we identify the best therapies and products that fulfill their needs. 

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Smoochie Pooch’s Advanced Skincare Therapies and Special Spa Treatments

Beyond just the average pet grooming in Malden, Smoochie Pooch also offers special services to treat more severe issues and spoil hardworking dogs. Our professional pet groomers have undergone the Certified Pet Aesthetician Program by Iv San Bernard. Therefore, you can feel at ease that the appropriate care and sufficient attention are given to them. 

Our pet grooming salon in Malden comes with a state-of-the-art hydro-massage ozone bathing machine that infuses fresh and pure oxygen into warm water. Our dog groomers highly recommend this for animals suffering from arthritis, bacterial infection, open wounds, skin asthma, and more. Are you feeling generous and simply want to treat your furry friends to a relaxing spa day? This machine is fantastic for that as well!

Indeed, Smoochie Pooch is not just a leader when it comes to expert dog grooming in Malden. We are your all-around partner for your pets’ health and wellness needs.

The Smoochie Pooch Dog Grooming Philosophy: Our Primary Goal

At Smoochie Pooch, our pet grooming team ensures that every furry client has a positive experience. Our professional pet groomers and staff don’t just jump from one client to another. We always strive to bond and befriend them. This way, they will feel happier and will be more willing to cooperate with the treatments. 

As your ‘trusted dog grooming near me’, we are highly particular with the products we use. It is because we know that some pets can be sensitive to specific ingredients. This is why each furry client gets a set of carefully selected products with the help of our meticulous pet groomers.

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Top-Notch Pet Grooming in Malden

Smoochie Pooch is your best bet when it comes to highly trained cat and dog groomers. We also take pride in having a dog grooming Malden salon specially designed to soothe and calm down nervous pets.

Reach out to us today to book the ‘most popular dog groomers near me’!