My Dog Won’t Stop Licking – What Do I Do?

While some licking is considered a common behavior for dogs, a healthy dog shouldn’t excessively lick themselves, particularly if it is causing hair loss and skin irritation. A history of excessive licking or an increase in their licking behavior could be a red flag that indicates a more serious issue. If you’ve started asking, “are there dog groomers near me that can help deal with too much licking?”, you might want to examine your dog’s food and environment first.

Did you know that dogs will obsessively lick people and objects as a sign that something is bothering them? While it’s true that your pet may simply be grooming themselves or showing affection, it’s worth finding out what could be behind the behavior and learning how you can help.

5 Common Reasons Your Dog May Lick Excessively

Constant licking can lead to skin infections, red and raw spots, missing fur, pain, and even loss of appetite. In addition to dealing with any sore areas, nearby dog groomers in Indiana may be able to help your dog get rid of their bad licking habit by helping with skin irritation and its causes, both of which could be behind the excessive licking.

Dog groomers in your area, along with regularly scheduled vet visits, can be a great resource when it comes to breaking down the causeof why your dog over licks, by assessing a possible skin and coat issue and ruling those out if they’re healthy.

The five most common reasons for excessive licking include:

  1. Allergies, either environmental or food-based.
  2. Dry skin.
  3. Hormonal imbalances.
  4. Parasites such as fleas, ticks or lice.
  5. Stress and anxiety. This can cause dogs to lick a certain spot over and over again or even lick a surface in the home as an attempt to calm themselves down. In this case, after medical treatment for sore spots is complete, it’s best to connect with your local dog trainer to help with your dog’s behavioral concerns.

Nearby Dog Groomers That Can Help with Too Much Licking

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for additional help. Finding the right dog groomers in your area can make a big difference when it comes to curbing too much licking for good.

If your dog is coming to Smoochie Pooch, here are some ways our highly trained dog groomers can help you and your dog long term:

  • Providing a free consultation with our skincare specialists and assessing you dog’s skin condition for any issues that could be the source of the excessive licking.
  • Recommending natural supplements such as vitamin E or fish oil, both great options for non-medicinal relief of dry skin.
  • Coming up with a plan using Iv San Bernard’s line of all-natural skin and coat care products.

If we find we’re not getting the results we’d hoped for, we recommend you take your dog to see its veterinarian to assess if it’s a behavioral issue, or something more serious.

Helping Your Dog Feel Their Best

Excessive licking is a sign that your dog is likely feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Whether it’s allergies or a way for them to deal with anxiety, making sure their skin is as healthy as possible will allow you and your pet to enjoy a happier life together.

At Smoochie Pooch, our expertly trained dog groomers always use products focused on skin and coat health which can help resolve skin issues your dog may be having or help maintain their already healthy skin and coat. With four convenient locations in Indiana and a mobile grooming pet spa, we’re ready to help your dog feel good in the skin they’re in. Book an appointment today!