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My Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos!

Pet owners are certainly used to strong smells that can come from having a dog at home. Whether they roll in something outside, have been playing at the dog park, or are wet from the rain, there are many reasons why you may pull out the dog wash and give your pet a bath.

However, have you ever gotten close to your pet’s paws and wondered why they seem to smell like corn chips? If you have, you’re certainly not alone! This common and familiar scent that is often found coming from dog paws actually has a simple explanation, and for the most part, it isn’t something you need to worry too much about.

What’s Behind the Corn Chip Smell?

While you should definitely book regular grooming appointments for your pet, whether that be with a mobile dog grooming van or at a grooming salon in Indiana, a smell coming from their feet isn’t necessarily a red flag indicating poor grooming or deteriorating health.

Dogs have eccrine glands on their paw pads, which secrete minimal fluid just to keep the skin supple, and as a result, sometimes there’s bacteria that grows there, which can smell like corn chips. It’s important to know, though, that bacteria, fungi, and other causes of odors are normal and typically present on pet skin, particularly on their feet, which touch everything they encounter on the ground.

On top of elements from the outside world, don’t forget that your dog probably licks their feet frequently, which only adds more bacteria to the mix! In addition, if the weather outside is warm or if you’re dog has just been active, sweat can also get lodged between paw pads and fur, adding to the pungent smell.

Before you panic and search for ‘dog grooming near me‘ to help you deal with their stinky paws, understand that the biggest issue lies in making sure there is a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria and that there isn’t any other condition causing their smelly feet.

How to Keep Your Dog’s Feet Happy and Healthy

If there is no sign of discharge, redness, or infection, you can try and manage your pet’s smelly feet by following these helpful tips. Don’t forget to ask your pet salon or mobile dog grooming van for other tips specific to your pet that can help you keep their health and wellness on track.

To prevent smelling Fritos when you snuggle up to your pet, practice these happy paws tips:

  • Wash their paws regularly, using a high-quality dog wash, especially after hiking or walking in a wooded area or on a nature trail.
  • Consider using dog booties.
  • Wipe their paws with cooling and soothing pet paw wipes or use a balm to moisturize them if they seem dry. Your dog groomer or vet can recommend a good pet formulated moisturizer.

Find Dog Grooming “Near Me”

While we can’t promise you that your dog’s paws will never smell like corn chips again, we can make sure that they get the best grooming experience possible when they visit Smoochie Pooch! Regular grooming helps keep your pet in great health and allows you to feel confident that you’re doing all you can to ensure your furry family member looks and feels their best. To book an appointment at one of our four Indiana locations or to inquire about our mobile grooming service, please give us a call at (219)-286-3608.