Smoochie Pooch of South Haven, Indiana

Are you looking for the ‘most sought-after dog groomers near me’ or ‘most dependable dog grooming near me’? Smoochie Pooch is the home of some of the best pet groomers in the area. Our cat and dog grooming salon is fully equipped with the best products and tools to treat and pamper your furry best friends.

Why Choose Smoochie Pooch as Your Dog Grooming South Haven Partner?

It’s common for cats and dogs to feel nervous whenever they are left in unfamiliar places with strangers. What makes things worse are other pets that equally anxious and loud. This situation truly makes the whole pet grooming process difficult. The good news is that our highly trained and highly experienced dog groomers know how to handle scenarios like this.

Smoochie Pooch pet groomers are experts in soothing your furry buddies and providing proper services in the most loving manner. As pet owners themselves, they know how hard it is to trust someone to care for your extended family members. This is why our cat and dog grooming team always make sure that every session at Smoochie Pooch is a positive experience.

Our pet grooming South Haven salon is specifically designed to promote calmness and peace. It is fully-equipped with high-quality tools and products so we can give only the best of the best to your pets.

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Advanced Pet Grooming and Treatment Services for Dogs with Special Skincare Needs

Our dog grooming South Haven salon provides a wide range of customized care for pets with different needs. Whether they suffer from hair loss, flea infestation, eczema, unusual smells, and whatnot, the Smoochie Pooch dog grooming team is here to help. With our in-house veterinarian’s assistance, we come up with a treatment plan to solve existing issues and prevent future concerns from occurring.

Smoochie Pooch’s pet Grooming South Haven salon also has an ozone bathing machine that uses a special oxygen technology to help soothe and heal arthritis, muscle pain, itchiness, wounds, and more. But if you simply want to treat your pets to a relaxing day at our place, this machine is perfect for them as well. As your ‘trusted dog grooming near me’, we will make sure to give only the best for your extended family members.

Mobile Pet Grooming in South Haven

Do your pets get anxious when traveling? Do you have a hectic schedule and simply don’t have the time to visit our cat and dog grooming salon? Would you rather look for ‘dog groomers near me’ who provide home service? 

The good news is that Smoochie Pooch offers mobile dog grooming in South Haven, so you don’t have to worry about any of that. Our pet groomers give your furry friends one-on-one attention and use similar products and equipment to those we have in-house. Once done, our cat and dog groomers return them to your doorstep, feeling fresh and happy.

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Your Trusted Dog Grooming Near Me

Smoochie Pooch takes pride in having some of the most sought-after cat and dog groomers in South Haven. Our philosophy is simple; we always make sure that your pets have a positive experience at our salon.

Call us today to book a session with some of the ‘best dog groomers near me’!