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Smoochie Pooch Mobile Grooming



READ THIS FIRST: Introduction to the Portal

Welcome to the new Smoochie Pooch Staff Portal!

On this page you can:

  • Stay up-to-date with company news & updates
  • Contact management with needs, concerns, and restock requests (Include a picture of the product!)
  • View training videos

Please do not share access to this page with anyone outside of Smoochie Pooch.


Groom Photos

Groom Photos

Thanks for sending over and posting your groom photos. You guys are awesome!

Our weekly analytics reflect that these are our most viewed, commented, and liked content on Social Media.

If you don’t have access to post your photos yourself on Facebook or would prefer Abby to, you can email them to, send them to her on Facebook Messenger, or text her. 

Thank you!

Maintenance Requests

Need something? Let us know below!

Please attach a photo.

Supply Requests

Message Brett

This form messages Brett directly via email and prevents questions from getting lost in his text messages.

Ask questions of any kind – urgent or not urgent!

Ideas & Feedback

Have ideas or feedback? Let us know below!


The following videos are for internal training ONLY. Do NOT share these videos or access to this page with ANYONE.

To watch in the best quality possible (480p): Click the play button and click Settings (the gear icon) next to the bottom right YouTube logo.