The Importance of Cat Grooming

Pretty Cat After Grooming

Many people assume that cat grooming is something that cats take care of on their own and that there’s no need to do anything else to support their hygienic needs. While cats do appear to handle their grooming needs relatively well, assuming they don’t need cat grooming services would be an incorrect assumption.

The amount of professional grooming your cat will need will mostly depend on their coat type, but know that even short-haired cats require pet grooming too. Just as you take care of your pet’s dietary and medical needs, ensuring they get the grooming they need should also be considered an integral part of your plan to support their health and well-being.

4 Ways Cat Grooming Services Supports Your Cat’s Health

If you’re looking for local pet grooming in Portage, be sure you find a salon that has experience grooming cats. Their needs are different from dogs, and you want to find a trusted groomer that will put your cat at ease.

By investing in professional cat grooming, you’ll be helping your cat lead a happier and healthier life. Here are four ways that regular grooming supports their health:

  • Prevents fleas and ticks.

Bathing is part of a regular grooming appointment, and bath time is integral when it comes to preventing flea and tick infestations. In addition, a bath will help spot any parasites so that they can be removed and further action is taken, if needed.

  • Reduces discomfort.

At every cat grooming appointment in Portage, your cat will be thoroughly brushed. Not only is this something that most cats enjoy, but it also removes dead hair, stimulates new growth, and brings your cat’s natural oils to their skin. Proper brushing also helps prevent matting which can be painful.

  • Protects their feet.

Nail trimming is probably one of the most overlooked elements of general cat care, especially for indoor cats. Long nails are uncomfortable and domestic cats usually need extra help keeping theirs trimmed. Overgrown cat nails can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort.

  • Supports ear health.

Pet grooming isn’t just about their hair and nails. Cats need their ears cleaned regularly too. Long-coated cats, in particular, are often prone to ear infections, and keeping their ears clean of wax buildup, fluid, dirt, and debris will prevent ear infections, ear mites, and other ailments.

Trusted Cat Grooming Services from Smoochie Pooch

At Smoochie Pooch, our cat groomers are highly trained professionals that will pamper and care for your feline friend, helping them to feel their absolute best. In addition to ensuring they’re clean and fresh, your groomer can also alert you to any skin or hair issues or concerns you may want to have addressed. If you want your cat to love their cat grooming experience, bring them to Smoochie Pooch! To learn more about our services, contact us.