Smoochie Pooch of Woodville, Indiana

Are you looking for the ‘most sought-after dog groomers near me’ or ‘most dependable dog grooming near me’? Smoochie Pooch is the home of some of the best pet groomers in the area. Our cat and dog grooming salon is fully equipped with the best products and tools to treat and pamper your furry best friends.

Why Choose Smoochie Pooch as your Pet Grooming Woodville Partner?

Pets often feel anxious whenever their owners leave them in new and unfamiliar surroundings. Being surrounded by other agitated animals make the situation worse. To help your pets relax, we specifically designed our dog grooming Woodville salon to calm down their senses. As your ‘trusted dog groomers near me’, we regularly disinfected and organized to maintain a serene and peaceful ambiance.

Our talented cat and dog groomers are pet owners themselves, which is why they know how to handle tricky situations like these. And since Smoochie Pooch dog groomers can relate with you, they always strive to give the same level of attention and love to your pets as if they were their own.


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Advanced Dog Grooming in Woodville for Pets with Special Skin Care Needs

Our cat and dog grooming Woodville team has undergone special training to help pets with specific skin, coat, and health issues. With the support of our in-house veterinarian, our pet grooming team would suggest a set of products and treatments to counter their existing concerns and prevent future complications from happening.

Our pet grooming Woodville salon is equipped with a state-of-the-art ozone bathing machine that treats pets suffering from arthritis, allergies, wounds, and muscle aches. This is also a fantastic bathing experience if you just want to make your pets feel extra pampered that day.


Exceptional Mobile Pet Grooming in Woodville

Do your pets hate traveling? Are you too busy to drop off and pick up your furry friends at our pet grooming salon? Would you rather just book ‘dog groomers near me’ who could do home service? Worry no more because our professional pet groomers are coming to you!

Smoochie Pooch takes pride in having high-tech mobile dog grooming vans that are complete with all the products, tools, and equipment we use at our salon. Our pet groomers can even accommodate the biggest and stinkiest dogs you have! Once they are done, your furry friends are returned to your doorstep, feeling happy and healthy. 

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Visit the Best Dog Grooming Near Me

Smoochie Pooch is not your average salon offering basic dog grooming near me. We provide specialized cat and dog grooming services tailored to suit each of our furry clients’ needs. No two pets are alike. This is why we truly take the time to assess and examine them and then propose the perfect treatment plan.

Our dog groomers also establish genuine relationships with every pet they handle. In doing so, they will be more willing to return for future pet grooming sessions. 

Are you ready to book the top-rated dog grooming in Woodville? Call us today!