All the Ins and Outs of Shih Tzu Grooming

Dog Grooming

The Shih Tzu dog breed is often chosen because they are loyal and affectionate. For those families looking for a small breed dog, Shih Tzu top out at around 16 pounds. One of the other positive things about this breed is their gorgeous coat, but that also means that Shih Tzu grooming can be a bit more complex than other breeds.

Since your Shih Tzu will benefit from regular grooming appointments, it’s best to start the process early so that they can get used to visiting your chosen dog groomers in Plymouth. Usually, after three to four times of visiting the same groomer, you’ll notice your pup becoming more comfortable with the process.

Tips from Shih Tzu Dog Groomers

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to Shih Tzu grooming is to recognize the unique needs of the breed. As mentioned, their coat is long and thick, which can require some extra attention such as frequent brushing and regular trims.

Here are a few other tips from Shih Tzu dog groomers that are important to know if you have this breed of dog:

  • Trimming the hair on a Shih Tzu’s face regularly is very important. This breed is prone to several eye issues, which means keeping hair away from their eyes is a must.
  • A Shih Tzu’s double-coat can develop mats and tangles easily. Mats and tangles can pull on your dog’s skin, making them uncomfortable and leading to hot spots or sores. Make sure you brush them daily and book frequent grooming appointments to keep things at bay.
  • Since Shih Tzu are a small breed dog, it can be tricky to trim their nails. Our dog groomers in Plymouth have the skills and expertise to handle this task so book an appointment when necessary.

For your small pup to feel their best, be sure to find a groomer in Plymouth that has experience with the Shih Tzu breed. Not only will they be familiar with the different style cuts suited for Shih Tzu, but they’ll also have the knowledge needed to address all their unique needs. Quality grooming is a significant element when it comes to the health and happiness of your pet!

Book Shih Tzu Grooming at Smoochie Pooch

At Smoochie Pooch, our pet stylists are trained in breed-specific grooming. That means we can provide the right cut and the right services to help your Shih Tzu look and feel their best. In addition to our grooming services, we also offer skin therapy options that can address any issues or concerns your pet might be having. With a commitment to supporting your dog’s overall wellness, Smoochie Pooch is the only groomer you need for your beloved pet. To book an appointment, contact us.