How Do You Treat Skin Problems in Dogs?

Skin care

Your dog is just as likely to have a skin irritation as you are. From itchy and flaky skin to more serious ‘hot spots’, dog skin treatment options do exist and are worth exploring if you notice your pet is left scratching and uncomfortable.

Dog skin care products can treat a wide variety of skin issues that may arise as a result of food, product or environmental allergies, pests, or bacteria. To start, try and recall any new foods or products your dog may have come into contact with or whether you visited a new outdoor location in Valparaiso where they have picked something up.

Dog Skin Treatment Options

Sometimes it’s as simple as giving your pet an oatmeal bath to provide relief from itchiness. However, in most cases, there is something deeper causing issues and you need to take a proactive approach when it comes to your pet’s skincare. If the skin concerns are quite severe and you see bloody or infected ‘hot spots’, it’s best to make an appointment with your veterinarian right away.

Here are some options that have been known to help with pet skin care and may be a suggested course of action from your vet or your Valparaiso pet groomer:

  • Steroids or antibiotics. These can either be topical or a pill that will need to be swallowed. Medication is prescribed to reduce inflammation, pain, and itchiness while an underlying allergen issue is sorted out.
  • Medicated shampoos. Based on your pet’s needs, medicated shampoos can provide relief and help dry the wound up and minimize itching.
  • Diet alterations. Did you know that vitamin deficiencies in dogs can lead to nutritional dermatitis? Look for high-quality foods that list meat as the first ingredient and consider adding supplements like Omega fatty acids.
  • Some dog skin care products are found in natural products such as coconut oil and vitamin E. Rub some on dry and irritated skin spots and watch your pup enjoy their little massage!
  • Hydro-massage ozone spa. This skin treatment nonchemical treatment will break down bacteria, mold, and yeast spores, as well we viruses that may be causing skin irritations.

Pamper Your Pup’s Skin at Smoochie Pooch

The team at Smoochie Pooch knows that your dog will be happier and healthier if their skin and coat are in good condition. Some of our pet stylists are trained IV San Bernard certified pet aestheticians, which means we have the knowledge needed to help you resolve any skin concerns your dog may be having. Pet skin care is an important part of helping your dog feel their best. We’d love to work with you and ensure any itchiness or uncomfortableness is no longer an issue. To learn more about our skin care services, please contact us.