Nine Advantages of Mobile Pet Grooming Services

Dog Grooming

If you are looking for help when it comes to grooming your dog or cat, but cannot visit a salon location, rest assured that an alternative is available. Local mobile dog groomers and cat groomers will bring their expert services directly to you.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming?

If you need help keeping up with regular grooming for your pet, here’s why mobile grooming services are an excellent choice:

  1. Time saved: When you are looking for a way to get more out of your weekly schedule, you have to find places where you can get hours back to devote elsewhere, even if it is just to taking care of yourself! Mobile dog grooming in Valparaiso, Plymouth, Portage, Schererville, Crown Point, and the surrounding areas saves you the hassle of driving to your local dog groomer when you do not have time to go into town. It also keeps you from having that in-between time from drop-off to pick-up. With a mobile groom, you will be right there when the groom is done.
  2. Fewer car rides: No need to make your car’s interior a mess or full of dirty dog smells. Let our local mobile groomers come to you. That way you will not have to clean your car or deal with unpleasant pet odors.
  3. Reduced stress on your pet: Trips in the car can be a source of stress and/or anxiety for many pets. With mobile dog grooming and cat grooming, your furry friend will receive one-on-one attention at your home, providing peace of mind for both you and your pet.
  4. Complete service—without the salon: Dog and cat groomers who provide mobile grooming services are equipped with the training and tools needed to groom your pet. They will have everything on hand to ensure your dog or cat receives the same professional treatment and care that they would receive in one of our Smoochie Pooch salons.
  5. More Personalized: Your pet is the center of your groomer’s attention. While your pet enjoys the excellent grooming services that Smoochie Pooch prides itself on, there will not be interruptions from other people or animals. Your mobile grooming experience also gives you a chance to get to know your pet’s groomer or understand their process better. We love getting to know our customers and helping them get a clearer picture of how we work, so do not be shy if you have questions!
  6. Easier for older pets: Depending on how aging has affected your pet, just getting to the salon could be a difficult and painful experience. Bringing the salon to you eliminates a lot of steps that could make your older pet’s salon journey less than stellar. The only experience we want for both you and your pet is an outstanding one, so we may even recommend mobile over in-salon depending on your pet’s needs.
  7. Healthy environment: Different dogs and cats have different health needs that could dictate a need to not be around other animals at all. Certain pets may have allergies to products that work fantastic for other pets, or they could have a weakened immune system which makes it unwise to have them around other animals unless necessary. Our salons are held to the highest standard of health and cleanliness for all pets and would be perfectly safe for most pets, but some dogs and cats need isolation from other animals, and that simply is not possible in a salon.
  8. Avoids the Age-Old “Cats and Dogs” Dilemma: Whether it is a Himalayan, a Maine Coon, or an American Shorthair, most cats don’t get along with most dogs unless those cats were specifically socialized with some canine friends for part or most of their lives. For this reason, a lot of cat owners looking for that personalized groom experience for their feline friend may prefer an at-home groom.
  9. Keeps Territorial Behaviors in Mind: Some dogs can be quite territorial, and most cats are inherently this way. Your pet’s temperament may dictate the need for mobile pet grooming, or at the very least such temperaments could make a mobile groom an easier choice for everyone involved.

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Smoochie Pooch offers trusted, quality pet care and grooming services in Indiana. Our fleet of mobile grooming vans is fully equipped to deliver personalized grooming service right to your home. We service:

  • Schererville
  • Valparaiso
  • Plymouth
  • Portage
  • Crown Point

The above list is just the highlights of our service area, we cover a sizable portion of northwest Indiana.

Our services add time back into your day while providing your pet with the best grooming services possible.

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