What Are the Best Dog Skin Care Products?

Skin care

Did you know that you can improve your dog’s life by ensuring their skin is well looked after? Just like humans, skin care can play an important role in your dog’s overall health. Many dogs suffer from dry, itchy skin due to allergies or can have sores or rashes that leave them feeling less than their best.

Pet skin care should be part of your pet’s regular grooming process. In fact, your local  groomer can help you determine the best products to use based on your pet’s particular needs. From shampoos and conditioners to other options that can help alleviate irritating skin issues, the right skin care treatments can make a world of difference.

What to Know About Dog Skin Care Products

As with any products you use on yourself or your dog, make sure you take a look at the ingredients. You certainly don’t want to select a product that will make your dog’s skin issues worse! It’s best to talk to your groomer or veterinarian to learn more about pet skin care, including what ingredients to avoid and which ones can help improve certain concerns.

At Smoochie Pooch, some of our pet stylists are trained Iv San Bernard Certified (ISB) Pet Aestheticians. We proudly use ISB products as they’ve all been created based on natural ingredients and allow us to provide effective solutions to skin and coat issues. Choosing the right products to use will depend on the issues your dog is dealing with, and it’s best to get a professional’s opinion before making any decisions.

Should you notice that your dog has dry, itchy, flaky, crusty, or inflamed skin, be sure to ask your groomer about pet skin care treatments that can provide some relief. Skin issues can be the result of many things, including allergies, infections, parasites, or genetics. In addition to the right skin care products, options such as hydro-massage ozone treatments can also produce great results when it comes to reducing bothersome skin issues.

Helping Your Pet Feel Their Best

We know you want the best for you pet, and using the right dog skin care products can really help them maintain positive health and wellness. If you want to ensure your dog’s skin and fur are healthy and well kept, book an appointment at one of our salons. Smoochie Pooch takes great pride in only using high quality products that help alleviate and improve common skin conditions your pet may be dealing with. To learn more about our skin care treatments, contact us.