How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Responsible pet owners are always thinking about how to do right by their pet. Am I feeding them the right food, is there a cat groomer near me that can handle my kitten, how frequently does my dog need a bath? It can be difficult to always know the right answer and know exactly what your furry friend needs.

When it comes to bathing your dog, the reality is that the right answer depends on a lot of things. The frequency for pet grooming and bathing your specific dog will depend on their breed, lifestyle, and the length of their coat.

3 Things to Consider When It Comes To Bathing Your Dog

Searching ‘dog grooming near me’ will certainly help you find a grooming salon in Northern Indiana that can bath your dog, but sometimes you may also need to wash your pet at home. To help you learn more about your dog’s hygiene needs, Smoochie Pooch has some helpful tips and insight:

  1. Coat Type.

Not surprisingly, the type of coat your dog has plays a huge role in how often they may require a bath. But don’t mistake their coat length as the main determining factor for the frequency of pet grooming they may need. There are many short haired breeds that benefit from frequent bathing too.

The more hair your dog has though, the more work it will be to properly get your pet washed. As a general rule, dogs with medium-to-large coats, could be bathed weekly depending on their lifestyle or every four to six weeks, as long as they haven’t rolled in anything dirty or smelly.

If your pet has a thick or double coat, which includes breeds such as Retrievers and Schnauzers, bathing them too frequently can strip too much oil from their skin, so always keep your dog’s individual coat type in mind.

  • Their Health.

The health of your dog will influence not only how often you bath your dog, but also what you bath them with. If your dog suffers from any health conditions, you may need to use a medicated shampoo. If you’re not sure what products might be best, researching dog grooming near me will point you towards professional groomers that can help you assess any skin or coat issues your pet may have. At Smoochie Pooch, the products we use focus on skin and coat health, working to resolve any issues that may be occurring.

  • Your Dog’s Lifestyle.

An active lifestyle can certainly mean more frequent baths. For dogs with short coats, you may be able to use a damp towel to rub them down after an exciting trip to the dog park or on a walk in the woods.

However, if your dog is one that gets wet often playing in the lake or muddy waters, they’ll end up needing more baths. In order to make those baths an easier occurrence, be sure to brush your dog frequently so that you aren’t dealing with mats which can lead to bigger issues.

Dog And Cat Groomers Near Me In Northern Indiana

While your pets needs matter a lot, the comfort of you and your family matters too. Sometimes your dog will need a bath so that they don’t smell when you’re snuggling on the couch or to help reduce dander in the home for those with allergies.

Need help keeping your pet’s grooming in check? Trust Smoochie Pooch to be your partner when it comes to the grooming and hygiene of your cat or dog. From regular pet grooming appointments to helping you manage and treat skin or coat issues, our expert team knows how to put your pet’s wellbeing first. With four locations throughout Northern Indiana and our mobile pet salon, contact us today to find your most convenient location, and book an appointment.