How to Prevent Fleas and Ticks on Your Pets

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It’s no surprise that flea and tick prevention is top of mind for Portage area pet owners when the weather starts to warm up. While the milder temperatures of spring and summer are great for getting outside, it does also mean that flea and tick control is something that those with dogs and cats at home need to think about.

While it’s hard to completely eliminate fleas and ticks, there are things you can do to try and minimize the impact they’ll have on your pet. From using a flea comb or brush to proper lawn care, it’s worth talking with your veterinarian and your local pet groomer to find out more about the options available.

Top Tips for Flea and Tick Control

When temperatures start to rise, your friendly pet becomes the target of many pests that are looking for their next place to land. Keep reading for tips that can help with flea and tick prevention and allow you and your pet to enjoy all that spring and summer has to offer.

  • Invest in a vet-recommended flea and tick prescription and be sure to give it to your pet consistently.
  • Add a drop of lemon or rosemary oil to your dog’s collar.
  • Use a flea or tick shampoo followed by a soothing oatmeal bath.
  • Go through your pet’s hair or fur with a flea comb or brush at least once a day. Dab some petroleum jelly on the comb so that any fleas will stick to the comb’s teeth.
  • Vacuum regularly – that includes carpets and rugs, floors, furniture, pillows, your dog’s bed, and your own.
  • Keep the outside space where your pets spend time well maintained. Keeping the grass short, pulling weeds, and keeping bushes trimmed will help keep fleas and ticks in check.

If you do find fleas or ticks on your pet, follow the recommended steps to rid your dog or cat of these pests and follow up with your Portage veterinarian to ensure there are no long-term negative effects.

Regular Grooming Helps Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

It’s a smart idea to take a proactive approach to keep fleas and ticks at bay. Did you know that having your pet groomed regularly also makes it easier to manage fleas and ticks? When your dog or cat’s hair is trimmed and well-groomed, you’ll have an easier time spotting any pests and can take action right away. To find out more about pet grooming at Smoochie Pooch and how we support your pet’s health and wellness, contact us.