Mobile Dog Grooming in Lake and Porter County in Indiana

Groomed Dog

There’s nothing better than seeing your happy dog enjoying a walk, playing with their toys, or enjoying a peaceful sleep in their favorite spot. Your dog’s happiness is a result of many things, and quality dog grooming is definitely one of them.

Regular grooming not only helps them feel good, but also wards off skin conditions, itchiness, matted fur, and ear infections. As a pet owner, we know you only want the best for your dog and that’s why mobile dog grooming may be the answer you’re looking for when it comes to ensuring your pet’s grooming needs are properly met.

What Makes Mobile Dog Grooming So Convenient?

Smoochie Pooch now offers grooming in our mobile vans in most of Lake & Porter County in Indiana. If you’re looking for nearby dog groomers and are unfamiliar with this grooming option, we’d be happy to tell you more about this service that’s growing in popularity.

Here are just a few reasons why mobile grooming is a convenient option for Lake and Porter County pet owners:

  • Dog grooming services come right to your door. Short on time? You can ditch the travel time to and from the grooming salon to have your dog professionally groomed right in your driveway.
  • Reduces stress on your pet. If your pet has a hard time being at the groomers at the same time as other dogs, a mobile grooming van is a better option. Not only will you still get the quality grooming services you want, but you won’t have to stress about your pet’s mental well-being since they’ll receive one on one service.
  • No car rides. Does your dog get sick or anxious in the car? Eliminate that unpleasant experience by having the groomers come to you. You won’t have to spend the time planning how to make the car ride bearable for your pet, just to get them to the groomers.

Did you know that many Lake and Porter County pet owners are able to get their dogs on a more regular grooming schedule thanks to mobile dog grooming? The added convenience of having the service come to them means that they’re able to schedule grooming and pampering more frequently, which allows their dogs to be happier and healthier.

Find Nearby Dog Grooming with Mobile Services

Finding professional dog groomers you can trust is important. At Smoochie Pooch, we know how important your dog’s wellbeing is to you and that’s why we offer salon and mobile grooming services. We want every dog to have access to quality grooming that will leave them looking and feeling their best. Our highly trained groomers have all the equipment they need in our clean and customized mobile vans, allowing them to deliver a positive grooming experience every time. To learn more about our mobile dog grooming services, please contact us.