What to Expect When Taking Your Cat to a Cat Groomer

Cat Grooming

Are you preparing for your cat’s first grooming appointment at Smoochie Pooch in Western Indiana? Both you and your cat will appreciate the deep clean that our team provides, which is more than your cat can provide on its own. Regular grooming services will support their health by preventing fleas and ticks, reducing discomfort, protecting their feet, and supporting ear health.

You can put your trust in our friendly Smoochie Pooch team to handle your pet with care and help them feel their best. If you’re getting ready to take your feline to their first professional cat grooming appointment at Smoochie Pooch, here is what you can expect.

What You Need to Know About Cat Grooming with Smoochie Pooch

Here are some helpful tips for before, during, and after your grooming appointment with us.

  • Before: Are you concerned about how your cat may react during a grooming appointment? The first step to helping your cat relax begins at home. Expose your cats to brushes at home to help familiarize them with grooming tools. You can also set out your carrier ahead of time with their favorite blanket, towels, and treats to minimize negative associations. Learn more about how to help your cat relax before they go to the groomer.
  • During: If you’ve selected a full groom with us, your cat will receive a bath (if they will tolerate one), nail trimming, ear cleaning, a brush out, and may include a lion cut. We also offer a basic groom, which does not include a lion cut. The average length of a cat grooming appointment ranges from two to four hours, depending on the type of groom, their coat’s condition, and required breaks to keep them comfortable. Your groomer will call you when your cat is ready for pickup.
  • After: You may notice a change in behavior a day or so after their appointment. This is likely them getting used to their new coat or hair. Their skin can be more sensitive after removing matted or shedding hair, which can take a bit of time to get used to. However, regular professional cat grooming will make sure to avoid mats and help your cat look their best and feel comfortable.

Cat Grooming Near You in Western Indiana

If you have any questions before your cat grooming appointment at Smoochie Pooch, or if you’re looking to learn more about our services, reach out to us. You can also look at our FAQ page for additional insight and answers.

We look forward to connecting with you and your furry friends!