3 Things Pet Owners Should Know About Fleas

Skin Care

There are many things about owning a pet that pet owners may not anticipate. Ticks, fleas, and parasites can sometimes fall into this category. However, since these pests can affect your dog’s health and their need for skin care solutions, it’s best to take some time to gather the information that can help.

Fleas, in particular, can be tricky to handle. You may think that even if your dog doesn’t go any further than your Indiana back yard you can avoid them, but that’s just not the case. Flea control is something you need to think about if you have a pet living in your home.

Learning About Flea Control

As mentioned, fleas can be a significant irritant to your pet, leaving them with bites, rashes, and sores that require skin care treatments. Since there are almost 2,000 species of fleas, one of them may likely find their way into your home as they can travel on pets, shoes, and clothing.

Fleas also have a very high reproductive rate, which means that it doesn’t take much before you find yourself with an infestation that requires swift attention.

As a pet owner, here are three important things you should know about fleas:

  1. In some cases, you may notice fleas on your pet or a few of them jumping around, but the easiest way to check for them is to look for flea dirt. Use a flea comb and then place what you collect on a wet paper towel. Flea dirt will turn red.
  • Dog flea grooming is an excellent preventative strategy. Keeping your dog’s coat well maintained is a smart way to be on top of potential pests. Not only will a shorter, well-groomed coat make it easier to spot fleas, but your groomer will be regularly inspecting your pet’s coat and skin to ensure that there are no infestations to be concerned about.
  • Fleas are a concern you need to deal with quickly. It may not seem like fleas can cause any big issues, but they most certainly can. Ignoring fleas and allowing an infestation to occur will not only make them that much harder to get rid of but will lead to illness. Dermatitis, anemia, and tapeworm are some of the problems that can arise if fleas are left untreated.

Find Pet Grooming and Skin Care Treatments at Smoochie Pooch

It’s never fun to think about fleas and other parasites that may bother your pet, but taking a preventative approach can help. Dog flea grooming at Smoochie Pooch can help manage potential pests and help you ensure your dog looks and feels its best. Should your pet be recovering from any skin irritations, we’d be happy to share more information on skin care treatments that can help. To learn more about our high-quality services and to book an appointment at one of our locations, contact us.