When Should I Bring My Puppy For its First Groom and How Should I Prepare It?

Are there nearby dog groomers in Valparaiso that will take your young puppy for their first groom? The answer is yes! Early experiences can go a long way in helping them develop a positive relationship with professional services such as grooming, the vet, or any dog walking or dog sitting services you may need.

Puppies actually remember their first experiences with something quite well, so choosing great dog groomers in Valparaiso, Indiana, is really important. Their first grooming experience will stay with them their whole life, and so it’s best to do what you can to ensure it’s positive.

Finding Pet Grooming Near Me & Helping My Puppy Be Ready

At around the 10–12 week mark, you can make an appointment to take your puppy in for the first grooming session. Most people do wait until they’ve had their second round of shots. However, a puppy’s first grooming appointment should occur before 16 weeks of age.

In order to get them ready for their first visit to the nearby dog groomers, begin touch training as soon as you bring them home. Make sure you are gently petting and handling your puppy all the time, including frequently touching their paws, teeth, nails, ears, and inner thighs. Once your new puppy is comfortable being handled, move on to getting them used to brushing so that they are familiar with some of the tools used when being groomed.

As mentioned, even if you work to help your puppy know what to expect at their first grooming appointment, it’s equally important to finding a salon that will treat them well and be able to groom them with confidence and experience. When searching for ‘pet grooming near me, take the time to read online reviews, visit their website and call to speak to someone on the phone.

It’s also a good idea to stop by the salon before your first visit to make sure that the facility smells good, is clean and well-lit. The people you interact with should be knowledgeable and friendly so that you can expect they’ll treat your dog in the same respectful fashion.

Best Dog Groomers in Valparaiso, Indiana

At Smoochie Pooch, we’ll ask you to let us know about any sensitive areas your puppy may have in order to make sure they’ll have the best experience possible. When you bring your new puppy in for grooming at one of our multiple salons, you can feel confident knowing that all of our groomers are highly trained and truly love pets. Trust us; your pup is in good hands! Our whole team strives to ensure that a puppy’s first experience is a great one. If you have any questions about booking an appointment for your puppy, please reach out to us at your convenience. We’d love to hear from you!