5 Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

No matter what size or breed of dog you have, chances are you’ll have to take them out for at least one walk, even on days where it’s wet and rainy. As we head into spring, which can typically mean more wet weather, knowing what dog walking essentials to have on hand when it rains can make outings more enjoyable.

Before we get into walking tips, it’s important for Portage pet owners to understand that keeping their pet well-groomed will also make walking in wet weather easier. When their coat is in good condition and not overgrown, they’ll be less likely to pick up tangles and mats when out in the rain. Whether you call your local mobile dog groomers or make an in-salon appointment, be sure to make regular grooming a priority.

Tips for Walking with Your Dogs in The Rain

It can feel a bit more challenging to get your dog out for a good walk in the rain, but when you have these recommended dog walking essentials, the experience can become more enjoyable.

  1. A reflective collar and leash.

Rainy weather makes it more difficult for everyone to see. You don’t want to be hard to notice, so switching out your usual leash and collar for reflective ones can help prevent accidents.

  • A rain route.

If your usual Portage walking route tends to be a high traffic area, consider a different path when out walking with your dogs in the rain. By picking a quieter route, you’ll reduce the possibility of getting wet thanks to cars splashing you on their way by.

  • A harness or a coat for your dog.

There are some dogs that really don’t like the rain. If your pet falls into this category, try a pressure harness to help them feel safer or a raincoat to reduce the vibrations they feel from the rain. These dog walking essentials can really help them feel more relaxed in wet weather. 

  • Towels ready at the door.

When you finally make it back home, the last thing you want is muddy footprints all over your house or for your dog to shake water all over your furniture! Always be prepared by having dry towels in an easily accessible area that you can quickly grab as soon as you come back inside.

  • A plan to wash and dry your pet.

Did you know that wet and rainy weather can increase the number of germs and bacteria your dog may pick up? After a wet and rainy stroll, consider rinsing them off with warm water. If you’re out in wet weather often and find you’re bathing your dog more as a result, ask your in-salon or local mobile dog groomers for moisturizing shampoo recommendations so that you don’t inadvertently dry out their skin.

Keep Your Dog Wet Weather Ready with Grooming from Smoochie Pooch

At Smoochie Pooch, our trained and experienced pet groomers will make sure your dog’s coat is ready for the rainy season. Not only can we provide breed-specific grooming, but also we’ll work with each pet owner to ensure their pet is groomed to fit their lifestyle too. With five convenient locations throughout Indiana, as well as a mobile grooming option, we know we can take care of your pet and help them feel their best, no matter the weather. Contact us today to book an appointment.