Flea and Tick Prevention

Nothing may annoy your dog more than pesky fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, your pet’s warm body and soft fur are the type of environment that these insects just love. While having a trusted nearby dog groomer can help keep your dog in good health, it’s important to know what other preventative measures you can take to help keep fleas and ticks away.

Why is prevention so important? If one of these pests happens to make a home on your dog, it can cause a wide range of health issues. From Lyme Disease to skin infections and many other long-term complications, pet owners should do what they can to ensure their pet stays flea and tick free.

What Provides The Best Dog Flea And Tick Control?

To start, Smoochie Pooch Valparaiso recommends you speak to your veterinarian. They’ll be up-to-date on flea and tick preventatives, treatments, and information and can help you decide what the best option is for your dog.

In addition to your vet’s recommendations, here are some helpful tips for flea and tick prevention.

  • Regularly inspect your dog, even if they’re taking a flea and tick preventative from your vet. This will be easier to do if you regularly book appointments with nearby dog groomers so that their coat is well-groomed and easy to look through. Feel for bumps all over your dog and part fur to check out anything that feels out of the ordinary.
  • Be sure to also check yourself for ticks after walks through the woods or grassy settings so that you don’t transfer anything to your pet.
  • Keep the grass in your yard cut as short as possible and remove leaf litter, tall grasses, and brush.
  • If you own multiple dogs, treat them all at the same time if you discover one of them has fleas or a tick. This will help prevent cross infestation.
  • The best dog flea and tick control starts by asking your dog groomer for advice on what grooming schedule they recommend for your specific dog. Especially during tick season or if you and your dog live a very active outdoor lifestyle, you need their coat to be manageable so you can easily check for pests.

Why Choose Smoochie Pooch in Valparaiso for Dog Grooming

You only want the best for your pet, and that’s why you want to take every precaution to ensure they remain in good health, including regular grooming appointments. At Smoochie Pooch, we’ll treat your dog as if they were our own. Our groomers are highly trained and experienced and work hard to make your pet feel safe and welcome at every appointment. To find out more about booking a professional grooming appointment with nearby dog groomers in Valparaiso, contact us today.