Animal Behaviour Essentials: What You Need to Know

Ever wonder what your pet is really thinking? When you drop them off at the local dog groomers, what are their actions trying to tell you? While you may be able to make some accurate assumptions about their behavior, it certainly does help to take the time to know more about what your pet’s actions may mean.

Understanding what your pet is trying to tell you can not only make life easier but will also help increase your bond.  Every Indiana pet owner should know the basics of animal behavior, and in most cases, that means watching their body language. For example, dogs that show signs of stress around other dogs may enjoy a mobile dog grooming experience better as there will be no other dogs around.

A Guide to Animal Behaviour from Smoochie’s Dog Grooming Professionals

Keep reading for important highlights every owner should know about animal behavior. For the most part, it’s easier to tell when a pet is happy, but animal behavior and emotions can be surprisingly nuanced. As your local dog groomers can probably tell you, a wagging tail doesn’t always indicate happiness, and a purring kitten isn’t always content.

Cat Behaviour Essentials

  • A tail held upright or slightly curved is a sign that your cat is feeling confident and relaxed.
  • An upright tail that’s been puffed out or a tail quickly moving back and forth means your cat is feeling threatened. 
  • A slow blinking cat or one that greets you by bumping their head into your leg is showing trust and affection.
  • Flattened ears and dilated pupils are a sign of being scared, angry, or ready to pounce.
  • Purring is usually associated with contentment, but some cats purr when they feel unwell.

Dog Behaviour Essentials

  • A tail held high and loosely wagging generally means a dog at ease. At Smoochie’s dog grooming, we do our best to treat pets with special care so that they behave in a relaxed way when they come to see us!
  • A stiff tail indicates your pup is feeling threatened.
  • Dogs hold their tails between their legs when they’re scared or feeling very submissive.
  • Lowering their chest to the ground while hips stay high is a signal it’s time to play.
  • Yawning (when not tired) and looking away is due to overstimulation and the need for space.
  • A dog that mounts people or objects is trying to relieve stress, exert dominance, or get attention.
  • A dog that shows its teeth is telling you he is upset and is feeling aggressive or dominant.
  • When a dog exposes their belly, they either want affection or want to play. Often times they’ll do this as a sign of respect or submission to an owner or another dog.

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Ensuring your pet has a good quality of life involves working to understand their likes and dislikes as well as making sure their physical needs are met. Regular dog grooming should be considered an essential part of maintaining good health and wellbeing. Smoochie Pooch works to understand every part of your pet so that they feel comfortable and safe at each and every appointment. Whether you’re looking for mobile dog grooming or an in-salon appointment, contact us to learn more about how we provide exceptional service for you and your pet.