Fun Games to Play with your Dog This Summer

Fun Games to Play with your Dog This Summer

Who’s ready for more sunshine and more time spent outdoors? We know your dog likely is! Trying out some new fun games with your dog is a great way to pass a summer day and help your pup get the exercise they need.

Before you enjoy the hot sunny weather, make sure your pet has an appointment for dog grooming services in Schererville so that their overgrown coat won’t cause them to overheat or get too tangled during your outdoor fun.

H2: 5 Fun Games to Try with Your Dog During the Summer Season

Dog’s love nothing more than to run around their yard and enjoy a beautiful warm day. It’s fun to frolic outside with your pup; many of these ideas also work as helpful training games if you’re looking for ideas to work on their skills and behavior.

With summer just around the corner, give some of these games a try:

1. Bubbles.

Blow some bubbles and watch how much your dog loves chasing them! Just remember not to leave a bowl of bubble solution lying on the ground – you don’t want your pet to mistake it for a water bowl.

2. Name that toy.

The following is an entertaining training game to play with your dog, who loves a mental challenge. First, go over the names of two of their favorite toys and then throw them both out in the yard. Be specific about which toy you want your dog to retrieve and see if they can pick up the right one. It may take a few tries, but you may be impressed at how fast your dog can learn new commands!

3. Create a homemade agility course.

See what you have around your Schererville home to create jumps, tunnels, steps, and obstacles that your dog must navigate their way through. Obstacle courses are great for challenging your dog’s mind and muscles.

4. The sprinkler.

A simple tip for the water-loving dog in your home; Before you break out that sprinkler, make sure their appointment for dog grooming services isn’t long overdue! Otherwise, you may end up with tangles and mats that aren’t part of anyone’s summer fun.

5. Ball pit.

This game can be used outside but also makes a great rainy-day option for those wet summer days. Fill a giant old box or kiddie pool with plastic balls, and then throw some treats inside for your dog to find.

H3: Dog Grooming Services in Schererville

Summer fun does take some planning, and it’s essential to include your dog in those plans! To help your dog enjoy the best that summer has to offer, make sure that they are groomed and ready to play. A well-managed coat, trimmed nails, and healthy skin will help them handle the warmer weather better and make it easier to enjoy water play and outdoor adventure. Our team members at Smoochie Pooch have the best training in grooming all sizes and all breeds of dogs professionally. We know you want your furry friend to thrive this summer, and so do we! So contact us today to book a grooming appointment for your pet.