The Dos and Don’ts of Grooming Your Dog

Cute Little Puppy

Dog grooming isn’t likely what you first think about when you think about your pet, but it is an important part of helping them have a healthy life. Regular grooming helps keep your pet clean and happy while also providing an opportunity to inspect for any potential health concerns.

Dog groomers are very in tune with their four-legged clients and can be an excellent resource when it comes to helping your pet look and feel its best. To ensure your pet has a positive experience, be sure to find dog grooming in Portage that has professionally trained groomers who take the time to listen to any concerns or preferences.

Helping Your Pet Enjoy Dog Grooming

Since grooming your pet is such an important part of their well-being, don’t leave it up to chance. In order to set you and your pet up for grooming success, follow some simple dos and don’ts.

  • Do brush your dog at home regularly to help them become more comfortable with what the dog groomer will do at their appointment.
  • Do ask your groomer for insight into the best coat length for your dog. They may suggest different lengths based on lifestyle, your dog’s age, or the time of year.
  • Do make sure that your dog grooming salon checks ears and cleans anal glands, if necessary. Some dog breeds need their anal glands expressed regularly, be sure to ask if your dog could benefit from this service. 
  • Do investigate mobile dog grooming if you think your pet would benefit from a calmer and more one-on-one grooming scenario.
  • Don’t yank and pull if trying to get out knots or tangles. This can be very traumatizing for your dog. Find dog grooming in Portage that has the skills and the right tools to gently remove tangled fur without causing further harm.
  • Don’t use just any shampoo and soap on your dog if you bathe them at home. Make sure that any mobile dog grooming or in-salon groomer you choose also uses high-quality products designed to support your dog’s health.
  • Don’t wait too long when it comes to getting your pet used to grooming. The earlier you begin, the more relaxed they’ll be. Let new puppies sniff and get used to grooming tools right from the start.

Smoochie Pooch: Your Partner in Pet Grooming

Help your pet enjoy their dog grooming experience by finding them a groomer that truly cares about their health and happiness. Smoochie Pooch is committed to ensuring that both you and your pet have a positive experience each and every time you visit us. Whether you’re looking for extra services such as skin therapy or shed relief or are bringing your new puppy in for their first groom, you can count on our team to do everything we can to get things right. Contact us today to book an appointment.