5 Things You Should Do in The Fall with Your Dog!

The fall season is a beautiful time to get outside and enjoy nature with your pet. Don’t be afraid to try some new adventures together. While they may get a little dirty, it’s nothing a quick bath or trip to the dog wash can’t handle! Not only will spending time outside in the fall keep your dog active, but it’s also a great way to stimulate their minds as well.

With so many new things to see and smell, your pup will love spending time outside making the most of the cool and crisp sunny weather before the colder temperatures set in. There are plenty of family-friendly options for fall fun, so why not plan a few that will let your dog come along too?

Dog-Friendly Fall Fun Ideas

Fall can feel like a busy season as kids head back to school, which makes summer vacation start to seem like a distant memory. As your calendar starts to book up, it might be time to consider mobile dog grooming vans for all your pet’s grooming needs. Grooming services will come right to your doorstep, leaving you more time to plan those outdoor adventures!

Here are some top ideas on how to make the most of fall with your dog:

    1. Visit an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch. Be sure to check their website first, but many locations happily allow dogs to come and enjoy the experience.
    2. Go hiking. Enjoy all the pretty colors of fall while getting some exercise for both you and your dog. If they happen to get muddy along the way, make an appointment at your local dog wash!
    3. Make a pile of leaves and let your dog run through them and play. It’s basically like a ball pit for dogs!
    4. Make fall-themed dog treats. Spoil your dog with some homemade treats that use fall flavors like apple, squash, and pumpkin.
    5. Have a photo session. Grab your camera or hire a photographer and get some great photos of your dog playing, lounging around, and enjoying the fall weather. Nature provides a beautiful background this time of year and you’ll treasure the photos for years to come. Be sure to book a salon visit or an appointment with a mobile dog grooming van so that your pup looks their best for the occasion!

Find Dog Grooming Near Me

Before you set off on your fall adventures, make sure your dog is looking and feeling its best. If you’re looking for ‘dog grooming near me’ look no further than Smoochie Pooch. Our team is ready to welcome your pet and ensure they have a positive grooming experience that supports their overall health and wellness. From salon appointments at one of our convenient  locations to an appointment with our mobile dog grooming vans, we can take care of all your pup’s grooming needs. To find out more about our services or to book an appointment, contact us – we’d love to hear from you!