Tips for Planning Playdates for Your Dog

Dogs of any age love to play. Whether your new puppy needs some socialization or you have an adult dog that loves to run around with pals, setting up successful playtime does take some planning. Just like you take your time choosing the right salon for dog grooming in Fort Wayne, organizing a positive play session requires some thinking too.

To start, always keep your dog’s temperament in consideration as you plan any doggy playdates. In addition, the location of the meeting will also impact how things unfold once a few dogs are in the same space. Thankfully, if you plan things right, a successful puppy playdate can really be fun for everyone!

Creating Positive Doggy Playdates

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to arranging some fun playtime for your pet, take a look at the tips below. While you always have to pay attention to your dog’s cues, these suggestions can make it easier to successfully set up playtime for your pup and their pals.

As an added reminder, since your pet will likely get dirty and messy as they run around and play, make sure you regularly book an appointment for dog grooming in Fort Wayne so that their coat won’t become a tangled mess!

Six tips for setting your dog up for playdate success:

1. Know what your dog likes to do.

Would you say your dog’s a wrestler or a chaser? Knowing their play type can really help you match with playmates that have the same style of play.

2. Take a look at the basics.

A well-matched puppy playdate will include dogs that are typically close in age and size. This helps to ensure that no one feels overwhelmed.

3. Pick a safe location.

The best play locations are safe for off-leash play (a fully-fenced outdoor area or a dog-safe indoor spot) and large enough to allow for the full spectrum of play styles.

4. Let the dogs set the pace.

Once the dogs are together, let them explore the environment and interact with each other in their own time. Allow them to initiate play without your intervention.

5. Pay attention to body language.

When dogs play, they certainly can get rowdy, and it often looks and sounds scarier than it truly is. It’s really important for pet parents to pay attention to body language during a doggy playdate to see what the dogs are saying to each other as they interact. As a general rule, appropriate play tends to be bouncy and loose, while inappropriate play appears controlled and focused.

6. Encourage water and rest breaks.

Make sure to have a water supply handy. A large neutral bowl that all the dogs can drink from is ideal. Don’t forget to give the dogs a play break too. Whether that means separating them temporarily or leashing them for a rest, they may not realize they need a break on their own.

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