How Do I Know If My Dog Has an Ear Infection?

Dogs are often scratching, but when do you know if something might be bothering them? If you’ve taken them to dog grooming services near you recently, your groomer may alert you to an issue if they notice something suspicious. However, when it comes to ear infections, knowing the symptoms to watch for will make it much easier to ensure your dog gets medical attention if needed.

Did you know that some dogs are more prone to ear infections than others? Dog ear infections are much more common in dogs with long ears or in dogs that swim a lot. Even a mild infection can be quite painful, but thankfully, they’re easily treated.

Symptoms of a Dog Ear Infection

Dog ear infections are most commonly caused by bacteria and can show up quickly. In fact, your dog can seem fine in the morning and then be dealing with acute ear pain in the afternoon of the same day. It can be helpful to book dog grooming services near you for your pet so that their ears are regularly cleaned and trimmed. This can make it much easier to notice any changes in their ear health.

To help you recognize an ear infection in your dog, read this helpful list of symptoms:

  • Scratching their ear or area around the ear.
  • Brown, yellow, or bloody discharge.
  • Odor in the ear.
  • Redness or scabs on the inside of the ear.
  • Hair loss around the ear.
  • Rubbing of the ear on the floor.
  • Head shaking or head tilting.
  • Loss of balance.
  • Hearing loss.

Should you notice any of these symptoms of a dog ear infection, you’ll want to bring your pet to see their Fort Wayne veterinarian for an assessment. Once diagnosed, it’s important that you follow your vet’s recommendation for treatment in order to avoid the infection reoccurring.

Smoochie Pooch: Supporting Your Dog’s Ear Health

Looking for dog grooming services near you in Fort Wayne that can help maintain your dog’s health and wellness? Smoochie Pooch is here to help! In addition to bathing, nail trimming, and coat maintenance, we always include ear cleaning as part of our grooming services which helps your pet maintain healthy ears.

We know that all dogs are different, and so we always make the extra effort to get to know you and your pup so that we learn how to best support their needs. Want your pet to experience the Smoochie Pooch difference? Contact us to make an appointment.