Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Do you notice any difference in your dog’s behavior in summer? While it may seem like they love running around on a sunny day and jumping through the water, don’t forget that they can get overheated too.

It’s important to keep up with pet grooming in summer, which can include at-home maintenance and regular grooming appointments in Portage. When their coat is in good condition, it will be easier to keep your dog happy and healthy all summer long.

H2: How to Help Your Dog Deal with Hot Summer Heat

Keeping your dog calm when it’s hot outside is all about preparation and planning. In addition to helping them regulate their temperature, you’ll also reduce the risk of your dog suffering from heatstroke. Keep reading for some summer dog care tips that will help you and your pet enjoy the best that summer has to offer!

  • Encourage them to stay in shaded areas and away from direct sunlight.
  • Regular pet grooming in summer ensures they won’t get matted. Mats can trap heat, making it hard for your dog to regulate their temperature.
  • Put down damp towels for them to lie on.
  • Fill a hot water bottle with cold water for them to lie on.
  • Put the garden sprinkler on.
  • Keep a paddling pool in the shade for them to splash about in.
  • Never leave your dog in a hot car.
  • Always remember to bring water if you’re out and about with your dog.
  • Plan your walks to avoid the midday sun.
  • If you have a light-colored or thinly coated dog, learn more about specially formulated sun cream for dogs that may help.
  • Be mindful of their footpads and avoid standing for long periods of time on hot sand or pavement.

When temperatures rise, you’ll need to watch for changes to your dog’s behavior in summer as they could be showing signs of heatstroke such as excessive salivation, vomiting, glazed eyes, and heavy panting. Heatstroke can develop when a dog can’t reduce their body temperature on its own.

If you think your dog has heatstroke, call your veterinarian. In the short term, take them to a cool shaded area and apply cold, wet towels to their head, neck, and chest and let them lick an ice cube. Placing them directly into icy water or allowing them to drink too much can cause them to go into shock.

H3: Book Summer Dog Grooming Services in Portage

Ready for a fantastic summer? At Smoochie Pooch, our top-quality summer dog grooming services mean that your pet will be ready for all your warm-weather adventures. No matter what your pet needs, know that we offer breed-specific grooming as well as skincare and shed relief options too. With their coat and skin in excellent condition, your pet will be able to enjoy the warmer weather while being comfortable too. Contact us to book your appointment for pet grooming – we’d love to help!