I Thought Cats Groomed Themselves?

Cats are known for their consistent self-grooming habits. Often found to be licking their paws, it’s easy to see why some cat owners assume that they wouldn’t need to find a reputable cat groomer in Valparaiso!

However, there are many diverse reasons why cats lick themselves, and their grooming habits don’t mean that a professional groom is never needed. Let’s take a closer look at your cat’s grooming routine and why cat grooming services should still be part of your overall pet care plans.

What Your Cat Is Actually Doing When They Groom Themselves

So what purpose is being served when you see your cat primping themselves? Interestingly enough, many of the benefits they get are not related to cleanliness at all.

While their work can help with coat maintenance, here are some other reasons that cats spend a lot of time self-grooming:

  • Thermoregulation. The saliva they spread over their fur evaporates and helps regulate their body temperature.
  • Stimulate circulation. A cat’s tongue is rough in texture, stimulating blood flow in the areas they lick, improving circulation.
  • Psychological benefits. The repetitive ritual of self-grooming stimulates endorphins, making it an easy way for cats to relieve stress and calm themselves down.

As you can see, grooming your cat should still be included in your list of things to do as a pet owner. Cats prioritize their own grooming, but it’s often not enough to ensure that their skin and coat remain healthy.

Why Cat Grooming Services Are Important

Cat groomers in Valparaiso can take care of all your cat’s needs, such as brushing, bathing, shaving, and nail trimming. Regular professional grooming will provide many benefits to your cat, resulting in a healthier coat, a reduction in odors and matted fur, and fewer hairballs.

In addition, your groomer will check your cat for fleas and ticks, lumps and bumps, skin irritations, and other issues you may not otherwise notice. You should also see reduced shedding, which means you’ll spend less time getting cat hair off your clothes and furniture.

Find Cat Groomers in Valparaiso

Now that you know that grooming your cat is something that can’t be left entirely up to your pet, it’s time to find the right groomer for the job. At Smoochie Pooch, we treat every pet as if they were our own. Our extensive training combined with our commitment to helping cats and dogs look and feel excellent means that your pet will love their time with us! From long-haired breeds to kittens, let us pamper your cat and help them feel their absolute best. To book your cat grooming services, contact us.