What to Look for When Choosing a Rescue Cat

Congratulations on making the decision to add a cat to your family! Whether this is your first time adopting a feline or not, it’s always helpful to do some research and be clear about what you’re looking for. Depending on the animal you choose, things like cat grooming, food type, and vet expenses will vary, so picking a cat that you know fits into your life and you can care for properly is important.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet, look around your local Indiana community for options. Animal rescues, shelters, and pet stores will have details on cats that need to find their forever home. Adult cats as well as kittens, long haired or short haired, most rescues will have all different types of cats available making it easy for you to find the one for you.

5 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Cat for Your Lifestyle

In most cases, mature cats will already be spayed or neutered, have been vet-checked, vaccinated and possibly evaluated for temperament before you meet them. Pet grooming for cats will also have been done meaning that their nails will be trimmed, ears will be cleaned and their hair will be brushed out or cut.

To help you find the right cat for your family, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What’s your home environment like? If you already have other pets or young kids, you need a cat that can thrive in a busy environment. Watch for mature cats or kittens that are curious, love to play and are easily interested in being picked up or touched.
  2. What’s your schedule like? Contrary to popular belief, not all cats like their solitude. There are breeds of cats that need companionship. If you work long days outside the home, you need an animal that is okay with being alone for long periods of time.
  3. What type of cat grooming will the animal need? Long-haired cats and short-haired cats have different grooming needs. While many people think cats will take care of all their grooming on their own, regular pet grooming for cats will actually keep your pet healthier and happier.
  4. What cat are you drawn to when you observe them? When adopting a pet, you need to trust your heart. When visiting an adoption location, you’ll find yourself naturally drawn to a few cats just by the way they move, interact with other cats or observe the world. Trust that instinct!
  5. Do you connect when you meet face to face? You want to look for a cat that isn’t intimidated by you and that seems curious and open to interacting with you. Keep in mind that some cats may have experienced trauma so they may not want to sit on your lap right away, but if you feel like they respond positively to your presence, that’s a key sign that you may have found your feline match.

Expert Cat Grooming for Your Rescue Cat from Smoochie Pooch

Once you have your new feline family member home with you, we know you’ll want them to feel their best. Smoochie Poochoffers pet grooming for catsat our Crown Point and Fort Wayne salons as well as in our mobile pet spa which serves the northwest Indiana area. From helping to avoid mats on long haired cats to reducing the amount your short hair cat sheds, our expert groomers know exactly what your cat needs to keep healthy. To find out more about our cat grooming services, contact us.


Tips for Keeping Your Dog Who Loves Swimming Clean and Tangle Free

Did you know that dogs who like to swim are more prone to having matted hair or fur? When a dog is wet, the moisture causes their hair to curl and then dry while it’s still wrapped around itself, unless properly brushed. For Indiana dog’s that love their time in the water, even regular dog grooming won’t be enough to ensure you’re handling tangles and potential mats as you should.

As mentioned, mats in your dog’s fur can easily occur if your pet is frequently wet. If they’re not brushed well, mats will continue to trap more fur and move their way closer to your dog’s skin, increasing the severity of the mat. You’ll likely notice mats in common areas such as around the collar, under their chin, their armpits, their feet, and on the back of their hind legs.

3 Things You Can Do To Limit Matting On Your Water Loving Dog

The good news is that mats are preventable. While it’s still very important to keep your regular pet grooming appointments, here’s what you can do in between those visits to help your pet stay comfortable while still being able to enjoy a swim. With so many great beaches in the Crown Point, Valparaiso and Portage areas, be sure to keep reading to find out how to handle your dog’s wet coat after a cooling swim.

  1. If you’re wondering how to groom a dog and tend to their fur once they’ve emerged from water, the best place to start is by being prepared. It’s important to have the right type of brush for your dog’s coat. Next time you visit one of our Smoochie Pooch Indiana locations, our expert dog grooming team would be happy to answer your questions about brushes as well as discuss the proper way to brush your dog’s specific coat.
  2. Invest in a high-quality leave-in conditioner for your dog’s coat. A detangling leave-in conditioning spray will make brushing easier, especially for those dogs with long hair that tangles easily. You can spray the leave-in conditioner on their damp coat before they fully dry, or wait and lightly spray it over their dry fur and brush it through.
  3. Brushing your dog properly will help reduce the wet dog odor they may produce, but in order to keep them clean and smelling good after a swim, you should also give them a rinse. This pet grooming tip may seem strange considering they’re already wet, but chemicals from chlorine as well as sand and debris from lakes or rivers can cause skin irritations as well as leave unpleasant smells attached to their fur.

Regular Pet Grooming Helps Your Dog Enjoy Their Time in The Water

No one expects pet owners to expertly know how to groom a dog, that’s where we come in! With regular grooming appointments at Smoochie Pooch, your pet’s coat will be in great condition making it much easier for you to manage when they do decide to go for a swim. Whether you visit one of our Indiana locations or make an appointment with our mobile grooming pet spa, you can count on our team to keep your dog’s coat healthy and clean. To find out more about our dog grooming services, contact us today!


My Dog Won’t Stop Licking – What Do I Do?

While some licking is considered a common behavior for dogs, a healthy dog shouldn’t excessively lick themselves, particularly if it is causing hair loss and skin irritation. A history of excessive licking or an increase in their licking behavior could be a red flag that indicates a more serious issue. If you’ve started asking, “are there dog groomers near me that can help deal with too much licking?”, you might want to examine your dog’s food and environment first.

Did you know that dogs will obsessively lick people and objects as a sign that something is bothering them? While it’s true that your pet may simply be grooming themselves or showing affection, it’s worth finding out what could be behind the behavior and learning how you can help.

5 Common Reasons Your Dog May Lick Excessively

Constant licking can lead to skin infections, red and raw spots, missing fur, pain, and even loss of appetite. In addition to dealing with any sore areas, nearby dog groomers in Indiana may be able to help your dog get rid of their bad licking habit by helping with skin irritation and its causes, both of which could be behind the excessive licking.

Dog groomers in your area, along with regularly scheduled vet visits, can be a great resource when it comes to breaking down the causeof why your dog over licks, by assessing a possible skin and coat issue and ruling those out if they’re healthy.

The five most common reasons for excessive licking include:

  1. Allergies, either environmental or food-based.
  2. Dry skin.
  3. Hormonal imbalances.
  4. Parasites such as fleas, ticks or lice.
  5. Stress and anxiety. This can cause dogs to lick a certain spot over and over again or even lick a surface in the home as an attempt to calm themselves down. In this case, after medical treatment for sore spots is complete, it’s best to connect with your local dog trainer to help with your dog’s behavioral concerns.

Nearby Dog Groomers That Can Help with Too Much Licking

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for additional help. Finding the right dog groomers in your area can make a big difference when it comes to curbing too much licking for good.

If your dog is coming to Smoochie Pooch, here are some ways our highly trained dog groomers can help you and your dog long term:

  • Providing a free consultation with our skincare specialists and assessing you dog’s skin condition for any issues that could be the source of the excessive licking.
  • Recommending natural supplements such as vitamin E or fish oil, both great options for non-medicinal relief of dry skin.
  • Coming up with a plan using Iv San Bernard’s line of all-natural skin and coat care products.

If we find we’re not getting the results we’d hoped for, we recommend you take your dog to see its veterinarian to assess if it’s a behavioral issue, or something more serious.

Helping Your Dog Feel Their Best

Excessive licking is a sign that your dog is likely feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Whether it’s allergies or a way for them to deal with anxiety, making sure their skin is as healthy as possible will allow you and your pet to enjoy a happier life together.

At Smoochie Pooch, our expertly trained dog groomers always use products focused on skin and coat health which can help resolve skin issues your dog may be having or help maintain their already healthy skin and coat. With four convenient locations in Indiana and a mobile grooming pet spa, we’re ready to help your dog feel good in the skin they’re in. Book an appointment today!