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CBD for Dogs: What You Should Know

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an oil extracted from hemp plants. It is not to be confused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component in marijuana. THC causes a high, while CBD does not. Hemp usually contains less than .3% THC, while cannabis (the marijuana plant) contains 12% THC.

CBD for Dogs

There are hundreds of products on the market for administering CBD to dogs, from chews to oils. See below for our guidance on what to look for when selecting the right CBD product for your pet.


Research is still scarce, though studies regarding CBD usage have greatly increased in recent years. Today there are over 23,000 published papers looking at CBD’s effect on animals and humans, with encouraging results and testimonials for cannabidiol (CBD) decreasing pain, relieving itchiness, slowing seizures, decreasing aggression, decreasing anxiety (especially noise reactivity) and even beating cancer.


The studies below were found in an article by the College of Veterinary Medicine (see link at the end of this blog for more info).

  • In a Cornell study, dogs were given CBD chews prior to a stressful event, and 83% showed a decrease in stress or anxiety-related behaviors.
  • Another Cornell study involved giving CBD to dogs for pain management and resulted in 80% of the dogs with osteoarthritis experiencing a decrease in pain and a visible increase in comfort and activity.
  • Colorado State University has been studying the use of CBD in gaining control of seizure activity in epileptic dogs, and their research demonstrates that CBD, used in combination with traditional seizure medications, can be a successful approach.
  • CannPal, an Australian animal therapeutics company, tested the results of CBD on dogs with atopy (a dermatologic allergy resulting in itching and chewing). Of the dogs tested, 65% had at least a 50% decrease in itching and chewing – and half of those even recovered from all signs of itchiness during treatment.


According to the American Kennel Club (source listed at the end of this blog), a success story from Christy Moore recalls that her Ibizan Hound’s arthritis pain was so debilitating he had to be carried outside to eat, drink and use the bathroom. His pain medication wasn’t working, but after three days of CBD treatment, he could walk on all four legs again. 

Another owner, Jenn Boswell, claims her Greyhound’s anxiety level went from 100 down to a 5 after just three drops of CBD oil. For reference, the trazodone prescribed by her vet only brought the dog’s anxiety down to a 50.

Giving CBD to dogs
Giving CBD to dogs

Side Effects and Interactions with Other Medications

The general consensus is that CBD is harmless for dogs. The worst documented side effect is diarrhea. Studies have also shown that CBD can affect liver enzymes, specifically cytochrome P450 and alkaline phosphatase, both of which are involved in the metabolism of many medications.

This means that there’s a potential risk that using CBD can interact and change how other medications perform. If your pet is on any prescribed medications, it’s best to  consult your veterinarian before using CBD. 

Note: you should never give THC to your pet – especially medical-grade THC – as it is toxic to pets and can be very dangerous. If you think your dog has been exposed to THC, they should be taken to a vet for an exam and/or supportive care.

Contact your vet if you believe your pet has been exposed to THC
Contact your vet if you believe your pet has been exposed to THC


The use of CBD oil has become a popular way to treat a wide variety of symptoms in humans and animals, and it is now approved in most states and is generally recognized as a safe, natural way to treat or improve particular symptoms. CBD is very loosely regulated for dog consumption, however, and is still not yet regulated by the FDA, so it can be intimidating to decide what is best for your pet.

Which CBD Products are Recommended?

There are hundreds of CBD products on the market, but we suggest looking for a product with the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Seal of Quality Assurance, and one that has a third-party certificate of analysis that includes potency, lists all ingredients and discloses the possible presence of heavy metals, mycotoxins or pesticides. 

Avoid edible products formulated for human consumption, which often contain ingredients such as xylitol that are toxic to pets. 

At Smoochie Pooch, we carry CBD products from trusted brands like Super Snouts Hemp Company, Pet Releaf, Pawse and Colorado Hemp Honey. Visit your local Smoochie Pooch salon & pet boutique to browse our CBD options available near you. You can also contact us here for more information.

dog with cbd oil


Veterinarians can now recommend and discuss CBD oil with all clients. If you have concerns about the use of CBD treats or oils for your dog, you can always check with your veterinarian before giving them to your pet.






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Dog Grooming Preventions

Why You Should Never Shave a Dog with a Double Coat

What is a Double-Coated Breed?

There are many different coat types among hundreds of different dog breeds. The American Kennel Club recognizes 197 different breeds. Of these breeds, there are several that would be considered double-coated. A double coat is what people usually think of as a “shedding” coat. Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers are excellent examples of these breeds. Any mix of these double-coated breeds also has the chance of having a double coat, or “shedding” coat, as well.

Golden Retriever is one of many double-coated dog breeds

The Science Behind Double-Coated Dogs

It is important to remember that most dogs were bred for a purpose. Golden Retrievers, for example, were bred to be service dogs, perform search and rescues, retrieve game for hunters and excel at other training. Their hair is meant to withstand being out in the elements and retrieving in fields or water. Their coats are thick enough to protect them from harmful UV rays, wind damage and extreme cold and heat.

The coat on a double-coated breed is designed to keep the dog’s temperature regulated. This applies to hot and cold weather – each hair follicle has a muscle that lifts and drops the hairs as needed to cool and create warmth for your pet. Each hair follicle produces one longer, coarse guard hair and 7-27 secondary hairs. The secondary hairs are what are considered the undercoat. It is the soft, dead hair that sheds out of the coat. In a dog with a well-maintained, healthy coat, the undercoat should not shed excessively. If the dog is regularly bathed and groomed, ideally by a professional pet groomer, your dog’s shedding will be minimal.

A shaved double-coated dog has to work harder to regulate its temperature. Shaving your pet neither helps it stay cooler nor reduce shedding. A common statement we hear is, “well my dog just stays in the house so it doesn’t matter.” The problem is that it does matter. Your dog’s body has to work significantly harder to regulate its temperature. The thick undercoat of double-coated dogs needs to be brushed out regularly, and they tend to drop their undercoat when it starts to get warm. If we cut into the undercoat, it confuses the dog’s body and can result in a syndrome called post clipping alopecia.

Post Clipping Alopecia

Post clipping alopecia is a syndrome where the hair takes a significant period of time to regrow hair follicles. When this happens, there can be patches of baldness and discoloration throughout a dog’s entire body with little chance of being able to regrow the hair. This is very common among Pomeranians but also affects breeds like Chow Chows, German Shepherds, Huskies and Golden Retrievers, among others.

Pomeranian with post clipping alopecia
Pomeranian with post clipping alopecia

To Shave or Not to Shave

Unless medically necessary, typically due to a skin disease, you should never shave your double-coated dog. Shaving may cause severe skin problems as well as a potential of the coat not growing back. This is why we will not shave double-coated breeds at Smoochie Pooch. It is our job as professionals to care for the skin and coat of every dog, and shaving the coat of these breeds causes significant issues both seen and unseen.

Proper Care for Dogs with a Double Coat

The recommended grooming for double-coated dogs involves regular baths and brush outs every 4-6 weeks, which allows the undercoat to release and the dog’s skin to breathe. Contrary to what you might think, your double-coated dog will actually be cooler with a full coat as long as it is properly maintained. Have questions about how to properly care for your double-coated dog? Are you considering shaving your pet? We highly recommend speaking to your professional pet stylist about alternatives to shaving and recommendations on proper maintenance for your fur baby.


Skin Care

What You Need to Know About Flea and Tick Treatment and Skincare for Dogs

When it comes to managing your pet’s overall health, effective flea and tick treatment is a critical component. These tiny parasites not only cause discomfort but can also transmit harmful diseases. It is necessary to use an effective flea and tick treatment to protect your dog from these pesky parasites. Smoochie Pooch locations in Northwestern Indiana and Fort Wayne have a variety of tips to help dog owners care for their pups.

Dog Grooming 

Grooming can be one way to monitor your pet’s overall health and help with their skincare. Regular grooming will ensure your pet’s coat is clean and checked frequently. Besides helping with flea and tick upkeep, grooming your pet will also help neutralize odors. A Dog Groomer can tell you what to look for when grooming your dog and what types of products to use to protect your dog’s coat and skin.

Avoid Forest Areas

Depending on the season and type of canine your dog’s body will naturally shed its fur. In the spring you may find your dog’s coat become thinner. It is important to note that ticks and fleas tend to hide in forests and areas with tall grass or shrubs. For this reason, avoiding these types of areas is important, whether or not it is shedding season. Some pet owners believe if their dog sheds a lot, it will help reduce ticks. However, this is untrue because ticks can and will attach directly to your pet’s skin.

To remove ticks when grooming first gently run your fingers along your dog’s body. If you feel any bumps, then lift the fur to see if a tick is buried in the skin. Be sure to use a special tick removal tool to remove the tick. You don’t want to leave part of the tick in your pet’s skin as that can cause infections and other problems. Part of maintaining good skincare for your dog requires actively checking below the fur for any abnormalities.

Topical Medication

Another common method for treating fleas and ticks is topical medication. This solution is applied directly to the skin of your dog. The medication spreads over your dog’s body and kills pests on contact.

Oral Medication

Pet owners can also opt for a pill or chewable solution for fleas and ticks. These swallowable medications help by protecting your dog from the inside out.

Tips for Choosing Flea Treatments and Dog Tick Removal Near You

  1. Choose medication that specifically claims to target both fleas and ticks.
  2. Consult with the experts at Smoochie Pooch in Indiana for dog tick grooming options. The best treatment for your dog will depend on their breed, size, age, and previous medical history.
  3. Consider your dog’s lifestyle. Do you like to explore forests and large open spaces? If so, you may require a more concentrated solution as well as stronger preventative measures.
  4. Primarily, consult your local vet, especially if you need to remove an external parasite and do not feel confident in your ability to do so.

Dog tick grooming and removal is part of the many responsibilities of being a good pet owner. Stay vigilant, and remember to contact the experts at Smoochie Pooch if you have any questions. 


Dog Grooming

Unleash Your Pet’s Beauty: The Importance of Regular Cat and Dog Grooming

Cat and dog grooming is an easy and important way to keep your pet happy and healthy. Regular grooming sessions will not only help maintain your pet’s appearance but they can also help improve their mood and overall well-being.

If you are looking for a cat and dog salon near you, Smoochie Pooch has locations across northwestern Indiana that deliver five-star services. After all, every owner wants the best for their pet, and we make sure those needs are met.

How Cat and Dog Grooming Can Improve Your Pet’s Life

To the uninitiated, grooming can seem like a purely cosmetic practice. In reality, grooming is an easy way to avoid and sometimes even detect, any health issues for your dog or cat.

There are various components when it comes to cat and dog grooming. It is not just their coat that needs tending. When you work with a professional, high-quality salon, you can expect such services as:

  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • De-Shedding
  • Skin treatments
  • Teeth brushing Bathing
  • Eye Cleaning
  • Anal gland Expression

It is always good to see what services a salon can offer. However, it is equally important to know why these services are essential to overall animal health. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Maintaining Overall Coat and Skin Health

Grooming supports skin health, helps distribute natural oils and keeps a pet’s skin and coat moisturized and free of irritations. Having your cat or dog to be groomed regularly is the easiest way to keep their coats looking fresh and healthy.

  1. Preventing Matting and Tangles

A lot of pets have long hair and complex coats which makes the chances of having tangled coats a lot higher. Whether you have a Maltese or a Maine Coon it is essential to brush them regularly to get rid of dead skin, dirt, and excess oil so matted fur or tangled messes can be avoided. In some cases not doing so can even lead to skin infections especially if a mat began from fecal matter a pet might have left behind on its coat.

  1. Removing Dead Hair and Debris

Your pet’s body naturally knows when to shed. Depending on the season, an animal’s coat will make the proper adjustments. However, grooming helps clear out the old fur to make room for the new. This helps prevent your dogs and cats from ingesting hair and debris when they groom themselves, which can cause digestive problems.

All dog owners should make grooming part of their routine. Try to find a balance between visits to a professional groomer to keep up with routine maintenance at home.

See our blog on how to groom for more information.

  1. Socialization with Unfamiliar People and Animals

This benefits a young dog or cat the most. Bringing your pet to the salon means they are exposed to lots of different pets and people. This experience can help them learn how to cope better when there are new visitors in the home or when they are out in public.

Check out our blog on puppy training for more details.

Find the Best Pet Grooming and Bathing Services Near You

While some pets need to be bathed more frequently than others, all dogs and cats benefit from regular cleaning. If you need a professional salon you can rely on, look no further, because Smoochie Pooch is here and worth the visit. We have locations in Fort Wayne and in Northwestern Indiana that are ready to help your pets feel beautiful.

Look at our blog on how to find the best pet groomer for more information.

Contact us now to speak with our experts and learn more.

Cat Grooming

Keep Your Cat’s Fur Purrfect With Cat Grooming Service

Cats may be one of the cleaner animals to have as pets but that does not mean that they do not require a groom too. Even with their dedication to keeping their beautiful coats clean taking your cat in for a grooming session at your local cat grooming service provider is especially important. Proper cat grooming ensures your cat’s overall well-being by keeping its skin and fur healthy, which, in turn, makes them happier!

There are a few things owners can do to keep their cat healthy in the grooming department. For cat nail trimming near you, and professional cat grooming, your best choice in Indiana is Smoochie Pooch.

There are a number of ways to keep your cat looking fresh and clean. Let’s discover them!

Brushing Your Cat’s Fur

The largest benefit of cat grooming is maintaining your cat’s fur. Cats may clean themselves, but that does not mean owners should leave all the maintenance up to them. They may still need some help with tangles to prevent mating and to remove dirt or dead fur and more. There are a lot of different kinds of brushes an owner can use, depending on the coat or what the cat prefers.

A good groom helps natural oils distribute themselves throughout the fur just like human hair. And most cats enjoy the love and attention!

Clipping Their Nails

Nail trimming for cats is particularly important. For any animal overgrown nails can be painful, uncomfortable, and have a negative effect on their mobility. Overgrown nails also increase the chance of a cat accidentally scratching itself, you, or other animals.

Trimming your cat’s nails requires special trimmers so that the cat does not get injured. In order to keep up with your cat’s needs a regular trim is recommended. That being said we know just how nervous a cat can get and how nervous the owner can get too! That is why it is always best to go to the trusted experts at Smoochie Pooch where we can offer cat nail trimming in a safe environment.

Cleaning Their Ears

Just as with humans ear infections are quite common among pets. Cat owners should implement regular ear cleaning sessions with their cat to ensure their well-being.

Avoid using ear swabs that are meant for humans and instead turn to cat-friendly options. There are specialized ear cleaning solutions and cotton pads that are available to safely clean your cat’s ears.

Bathing Your Cat

Bathing your cat is a recommended cat grooming service that Smoochie Pooch provides. Bathing is necessary to remove dirt from your cat’s fur. Plus it removes any odors leaving your cat feeling happier and cleaner. Bathing with cat designed shampoos and conditionaires puts back those essential oils that keep your cat’s hair and skin healthy.

Smoochie Pooch promises a safe cat-friendly experience by using shampoos and conditionaires that are cat-approved.

Why Choose Smoochie Pooch?

Smoochie Pooch is a well-known and trusted pet grooming service provider in Northwestern Indiana and Fort Wayne. We specialize in providing exceptional grooming services for your pet, so that they can look and feel their best. You no longer need to search for “cat grooming near me,” because you have found Smoochie Pooch and we are here to help make your pet’s experience stress-free.

Call Smoochie Pooch for cat grooming service for your feline friend today!