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Nutrition – Why We Sell What We Do

Did you know that Smoochie Pooch sells pet food and pet treats at our Indiana salons? Because we care so much about your pet’s wellbeing, we take dog nutrition seriously, too, just as we do when it comes to their hair, skin, and overall grooming needs.

However, it’s important for our clients to know that we’ve worked hard to learn about your cat and dog’s nutritional needs, so we only sell products that we feel confident in and that will contribute to your pet’s positive long term health.

Cat and Dog Nutrition – Does Your Pet’s Diet Matter That Much?

Let’s be honest; we’ve all seen our pets try and eat some questionable things, whether it’s a clump of grass or a piece of paper towel! While their interest in eating things they aren’t supposed to can’t be denied, what you choose to feed your pet does really matter. A dog’s nutritional needs will vary based on their breed and their age, but making sure they get the sustenance they need can go a long way towards having a very healthy pet.

The principles of dog nutrition have certainly changed over the last few decades and continue to evolve. Well-made pet food produced today takes into account the right combination of ingredients as well as the proper ratios to create a nutritious diet. As such, one definite way that a pet owner can affect the longevity and quality of life for their dog or cat is by providing the highest quality food they can. The quality of the food your pet eats will make a significant difference in their health.

When you break it down into one succinct message, the principles of dog nutrition really centers on the fact that better quality foods made with better quality ingredients provide a better quality of life. A high-quality diet will result in:

  • Fewer skin conditions
  • Less itching
  • Fewer ear infections
  • Shinier coats
  • Less inflammatory disease
  • More energy
  • Better temperament
  • And many other physical benefits!

Find Top Quality Pet Food at Smoochie Pooch

In addition to our exceptional pet grooming services, we’re also proud of the pet food and pet treats we carry and hope you’ll come to see our selection as an extension of our sincere desire to help your dog or cat live the best life possible! From raw dog food to grain-free options, we welcome you to stop by one of our Smoochie Pooch Indiana locations to learn more about what we have available. If you have any questions about our store or about booking an appointment for pet grooming, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Dog Grooming

My Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos!

Pet owners are certainly used to strong smells that can come from having a dog at home. Whether they roll in something outside, have been playing at the dog park, or are wet from the rain, there are many reasons why you may pull out the dog wash and give your pet a bath.

However, have you ever gotten close to your pet’s paws and wondered why they seem to smell like corn chips? If you have, you’re certainly not alone! This common and familiar scent that is often found coming from dog paws actually has a simple explanation, and for the most part, it isn’t something you need to worry too much about.

What’s Behind the Corn Chip Smell?

While you should definitely book regular grooming appointments for your pet, whether that be with a mobile dog grooming van or at a grooming salon in Indiana, a smell coming from their feet isn’t necessarily a red flag indicating poor grooming or deteriorating health.

Dogs have eccrine glands on their paw pads, which secrete minimal fluid just to keep the skin supple, and as a result, sometimes there’s bacteria that grows there, which can smell like corn chips. It’s important to know, though, that bacteria, fungi, and other causes of odors are normal and typically present on pet skin, particularly on their feet, which touch everything they encounter on the ground.

On top of elements from the outside world, don’t forget that your dog probably licks their feet frequently, which only adds more bacteria to the mix! In addition, if the weather outside is warm or if you’re dog has just been active, sweat can also get lodged between paw pads and fur, adding to the pungent smell.

Before you panic and search for ‘dog grooming near me‘ to help you deal with their stinky paws, understand that the biggest issue lies in making sure there is a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria and that there isn’t any other condition causing their smelly feet.

How to Keep Your Dog’s Feet Happy and Healthy

If there is no sign of discharge, redness, or infection, you can try and manage your pet’s smelly feet by following these helpful tips. Don’t forget to ask your pet salon or mobile dog grooming van for other tips specific to your pet that can help you keep their health and wellness on track.

To prevent smelling Fritos when you snuggle up to your pet, practice these happy paws tips:

  • Wash their paws regularly, using a high-quality dog wash, especially after hiking or walking in a wooded area or on a nature trail.
  • Consider using dog booties.
  • Wipe their paws with cooling and soothing pet paw wipes or use a balm to moisturize them if they seem dry. Your dog groomer or vet can recommend a good pet formulated moisturizer.

Find Dog Grooming “Near Me”

While we can’t promise you that your dog’s paws will never smell like corn chips again, we can make sure that they get the best grooming experience possible when they visit Smoochie Pooch! Regular grooming helps keep your pet in great health and allows you to feel confident that you’re doing all you can to ensure your furry family member looks and feels their best. To book an appointment at one of our four Indiana locations or to inquire about our mobile grooming service, please give us a call at (219)-286-3608.

Dog Trainer Near Me

How to Get Started With Obedience Training

When you bring a new puppy home, it’s normal for new owners to feel a bit overwhelmed. In addition to making sure you have all the supplies you need, you’ll likely also be thinking about training too. However, before you search for dog trainers near me, know that setting up the right behaviors and expectations should start as soon as you bring the puppy home.

You’ll certainly need to find training classes in Indiana, but basic obedience training is actually something you can start at home. In fact, depending on where you got your puppy from, they may have already learned some basic commands. Young puppies do have short attention spans, but starting from around eight weeks of age, you can begin reinforcing simple commands such as “sit” and “stay.”

What You Can Do Before Finding Dog Trainers “Near Me”

As expected, there are many factors to consider before choosing the right dog and puppy training classes for the new addition to your household. Location, training methods, age-appropriate classes, and instructor qualifications are all things that can play a role in finding the right option for your needs. As you research classes, make time to start basic obedience training at home.

Remember, an obedient dog makes it much easier to enjoy time with your pet in public, at home, and around other people and animals. Here are some tips to follow to get your puppy started on the right track:

  • A puppy learns through the consequences of its behavior. When a behavior leads to an immediate treat, they’ll continue that behavior to keep getting rewards.
  • Aim to work on training for 15 minutes a day. You can break up the 15 minutes into five-minute sessions if that works better for your puppy. The key is to keep sessions short, positive, and fun.
  • If your puppy seems tired, distracted, bored, or frustrated, move the training session to another time.
  • Once your puppy gets the hang of a command, practice it in different rooms and around different people.
  • To avoid confusion, make sure you and other family members react to the puppy’s behavior the same way every time.
  • Keep the commands you use clear, short, and sweet.
  • Be patient. Basic obedience training takes time, and there will likely be some setbacks.

Welcoming a New Puppy: Set Yourself Up For Success

Whether you’re welcoming your very first puppy or you’ve been down this road before, most pet owners want to do all they can to ensure things get off on the right foot. In addition to finding vet and dog training classes in Indiana, you’ll also need a dog groomer you can trust. At Smoochie Pooch, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure you and your pet have the best experience possible. Our skilled groomers know how to properly groom all breeds of dogs and can help your puppy get used to the grooming experience in a safe and positive way. To find out more about our services or to make an appointment at one of our four Indiana locations, visit our website or give us a call at (219)-286-3608.

Dog Grooming

Are My Dogs Nails Too Long? How Often Should They Be Trimmed?

Pet owners typically have every intention of doing dog nail clipping weekly, but it’s not always a realistic goal and often gets dropped from the to-do list. However, if left unattended too long, one day, you’ll look closely and notice long and curved nails sticking out from their paws! When that happens, it’s time to take action before their overgrown nails become painful.

A good dog grooming schedule needs to include more than bathing and brushing. Clipping their nails is not only necessary to avoid rough scratches, but also to keep your pet healthy. While dogs will naturally wear down their nails through normal day to day activities, the more time they spend indoors, the more often they may need dog nail clipping.

Learning About Your Dog’s Nails

As mentioned, if the nails get too long, it can put pain and pressure on your dog’s toes and paws, which will eventually put strain on their legs too. Additionally, long nails are also prone to splitting and can become infected. When nails become very overgrown, some dogs may even find it difficult to place their full body weight on their feet without discomfort.

So, how do you know the right length for your dog’s nails? You can ask your local dog grooming service for advice, but generally, your dog’s nails are too long if they protrude over the pad. They should not touch the ground when your pet is standing.

With that information in mind, many Indiana pet owners likely wonder how frequently their dog’s nails need to be cut. Ideally, dogs need their nails clipped and filed on a regular basis, usually every 3 to 4 weeks. If you don’t feel comfortable clipping their nails at home, contact your dog grooming salon in Valparaiso and book them an appointment.

However, if you do want to get into the habit of dog nail clipping at home, here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Purchase the right tools. There are several different types of nail clipping and filing tools available. Be sure to read the instructions for your particular tool carefully before beginning.
  • All dog’s nails have a quick running through them. The quick is the blood vessels and nerves of the nail. The general recommendation is to cut approximately 2mm away from the quick.
  • When you cut the nail, you have to be decisive and make a smooth, quick motion while holding the nail steady.
  • The claws on your dog’s rear feet are usually shorter and may require less frequent trimming than those on their front feet.

Smoochie Pooch: Your Local Dog Grooming Service in Indiana

Smoochie Pooch takes great pride in knowing everything there is to know about caring for your pet’s grooming needs. We’ll make sure their nails, hair, ears, and even their teeth get the treatment they need so that they look good and feel good too. With four locations and a mobile grooming service, we can conveniently support pet owners across Indiana and help them ensure their pet gets the top quality grooming they deserve. Make a grooming appointment today or call us at (219) 286 3608 to find out more about our services.