Shelter Dogs

Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are the Best

Every October, the ASPCA sponsors Adopt a Dog Month in hopes of helping as many dogs as possible find a loving forever home. Community shelters all across the country focus on matching as many dogs as possible with a compatible owner in the hopes of creating positive second chances.

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming – How to Help Your Cat Relax Before They Go to the Groomer?

Cat grooming is not as widely thought about as dog grooming, but cat owners should know that cats can certainly benefit from professional grooming too. Even though cats seem to groom themselves, an experienced cat grooming service can help ensure your cat is not matted, doesn’t have overgrown nails, isn’t battling with fleas, and can help prevent ear infections.

pet grooming

Pet Grooming Keeps Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Pet grooming is so much more than simply trimming your pups’ nails and cutting their coat or fur. Consistent regular grooming plays an integral part in your pet’s overall health and can help them lead a much happier and longer life.

Mobile Dog Grooming

Things You Should Consider Before Using Mobile Dog Grooming Services in Fort Wayne

If you’ve decided that mobile dog grooming is something that may work for you and your dog, there are a few things you should consider before booking your appointment. While this type of grooming service does offer extra convenience, it’s still important to be sure that this option is the right one for you and your pet.