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How Do I Know If My Dog Has an Ear Infection?

Dogs are often scratching, but when do you know if something might be bothering them? If you’ve taken them to dog grooming services near you recently, your groomer may alert you to an issue if they notice something suspicious. However, when it comes to ear infections, knowing the symptoms to watch for will make it much easier to ensure your dog gets medical attention if needed.

Did you know that some dogs are more prone to ear infections than others? Dog ear infections are much more common in dogs with long ears or in dogs that swim a lot. Even a mild infection can be quite painful, but thankfully, they’re easily treated.

Symptoms of a Dog Ear Infection

Dog ear infections are most commonly caused by bacteria and can show up quickly. In fact, your dog can seem fine in the morning and then be dealing with acute ear pain in the afternoon of the same day. It can be helpful to book dog grooming services near you for your pet so that their ears are regularly cleaned and trimmed. This can make it much easier to notice any changes in their ear health.

To help you recognize an ear infection in your dog, read this helpful list of symptoms:

  • Scratching their ear or area around the ear.
  • Brown, yellow, or bloody discharge.
  • Odor in the ear.
  • Redness or scabs on the inside of the ear.
  • Hair loss around the ear.
  • Rubbing of the ear on the floor.
  • Head shaking or head tilting.
  • Loss of balance.
  • Hearing loss.

Should you notice any of these symptoms of a dog ear infection, you’ll want to bring your pet to see their Fort Wayne veterinarian for an assessment. Once diagnosed, it’s important that you follow your vet’s recommendation for treatment in order to avoid the infection reoccurring.

Smoochie Pooch: Supporting Your Dog’s Ear Health

Looking for dog grooming services near you in Fort Wayne that can help maintain your dog’s health and wellness? Smoochie Pooch is here to help! In addition to bathing, nail trimming, and coat maintenance, we always include ear cleaning as part of our grooming services which helps your pet maintain healthy ears.

We know that all dogs are different, and so we always make the extra effort to get to know you and your pup so that we learn how to best support their needs. Want your pet to experience the Smoochie Pooch difference? Contact us to make an appointment.

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Away from Summer Messes

Do you find yourself booking dog grooming in Portage more often in the summer months because your pet seems to get into more messes? Warm summer weather means more outside time for your pet, so how can you help them stay away from unsavory situations?

Pet groomers in the Portage area have seen their fair share of matted dogs thanks to lots of time at the beach, hiking, camping, or even enjoying summer treats that leave them sticky and wet. Since we know you want your dog to make the most of the summer, keep reading for some tips to avoid common warm weather messes.

Keep Your Dog Clean and Happy This Summer

Even the best dog groomers know that a dog’s coat can get matted in spite of a pet owner trying their best to wash and brush them regularly. Summer can be rough on their skin and coat. Keep your dog happy and healthy by following these five tips:

  1. If there’s no fence, keep your dog on a leash.

Summertime means all sorts of new and exciting scents and places to explore. You never want your dog to eat or roll in something foul, which can happen easily if they get too far away. If you do feel like your dog can be trusted, make sure you err on the side of caution when in unfamiliar areas.

  • Discourage digging.

Not only will your yard suffer, but your dog will become one big dirty, muddy mess! Pet groomers in the Portage area can also tell you that they notice cuts, sores, and even infections on paws due to enthusiastic digging. If your dog is digging this summer, it’s often their way of telling you they need more exercise.

  • Limit late night yard time.

There is almost nothing worse than when your dog gets sprayed by a skunk! Summertime means that skunks and other animals will cross through your yard. Instead of letting your dog roam free at night, take them out one last time before bed on a leash to avoid interacting with wildlife.

  • Work on training.

You may have found the best dog groomers, but what about dog trainers? When it comes down to it, ensuring that you have control over your dog through positive training is the best way to help them avoid messy situations.

  • Don’t let them be bored.

Believe it or not, dogs get bored too! When your pet isn’t stimulated enough, they’ll seek out ways to use their energy, often by rolling in something or investigate when you wish they wouldn’t. There are plenty of fun ways to help your dog keep busy this summer, so make an effort to keep them active to keep them out of trouble.

Find Dog Grooming in Portage

No matter what type of breed you have, keeping your dog’s coat well kept and groomed will help manage any summer messes they get into. In addition, ensuring their coat is cut for summer will keep them cool and make heat regulation that much easier. At Smoochie Pooch, we love helping pets look and feel their best so that they can make the most of their summer adventures. To book a grooming appointment in Portage, contact us!

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What to Do If You Find a Tick on Your Pet

“I found a tick on my dog, now what?” This is a common phrase uttered by Indiana pet owners. Ticks can be a bother to both dogs and cats. They are most commonly found around the face, neck, ears, feet, and legs of your pet. However, they can attach to just about anywhere on your dog or cat’s body.

Many people assume ticks are only a concern during certain seasons. The reality is that under the right circumstances, ticks can still be present during the colder winter months. Ticks on dogs or cats can be cause for concern, but being prepared will make it easier to deal with these unwanted critters.

Getting a Tick Off of Your Dog or Cat

New to owning a pet? Talk to your Indiana veterinarian about tick prevention medications. The medication absorbs into your pet and is then transferred to any biting ticks, which then become dead ticks. Not only does this protect your pet, but it also protects your family as you’ll reduce the risk of the tick transferring from your dog onto a person.

Finding ticks on dogs can be disconcerting, and let’s be honest, a little gross! The best way to check for ticks is to run your hands through your dog’s fur against the direction it normally lays. This allows you to see down to the skin. Another tip? Keeping up to date on your dog grooming appointments will make it easier to find ticks on your dog too.

So, how do you go about getting a tick off your dog or cat? Keep reading. As ticks can carry disease, it’s important to check your pet regularly for ticks.

  • Clean the tool you are going to use with rubbing alcohol. While tweezers may work, there are many specific tick removal tools that help ensure you remove the whole tick intact.
  • Take hold of the tick as close to the dog’s skin as you can. You don’t want to detach the head of the tick from its body.
  • Slowly pull straight back using constant pressure. It can take a few minutes before the tick will release.
  • Once the tick is removed, disinfect the bite area as well as any tools you used.
  • Put the tick in rubbing alcohol to kill it.
  • If the tick was engorged, contact your veterinarian to determine if an appointment might be necessary.

No one wants to find a tick on their pet. However, the next time you do, you can now confidently say, “I found a tick on my dog, and I knew what to do.”

Dog Grooming for Tick Prevention

Smoochie Pooch has five convenient Indiana pet grooming locations ready to welcome your dog or cat. Trained in breed-specific grooming, we’ll work with you to ensure your pet is groomed exactly the way you want.

Regular grooming not only helps your pet look and feel great, but a well-groomed coat will make it easier to find ticks, fleas, and other unwanted parasites that can negatively affect your pet’s health. At Smoochie Pooch, we only want what’s best for your pet and will do all we can to help support their wellness. Contact us to learn more about our services or to make an appointment.

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What to Expect with Puppy Teeth

There’s a lot to think about when you welcome a new puppy into your family. From feeding to training, it’s not surprising that many pet owners don’t give much thought to puppy teething symptoms or what to expect from the sharp little teeth that line your pup’s mouth.

There are things you can do to help your puppy get through the teething stage, as well as common puppy teeth problems to look for. The more you know about how and when their teeth come in, the better prepared you’ll be to handle this phase of life with your growing puppy.

Puppy Teething Symptoms

Like humans, dogs are born without any teeth. However, in their first eight months or so, puppies develop two sets of teeth, starting with the first set of 28 baby teeth. The first set of teeth are typically lost between four and six months of age.

Here are the top symptoms to look for that will help you know your puppy is teething:

  • Trying to chew on everything.
  • Lots of drooling.
  • Eating slowly.
  • Bleeding or red gums.
  • Whining.

To help your puppy manage the pain, give them a frozen clean washcloth to chew on or ask your veterinarian about natural chew options such as fish skins or beef tendons.

Puppy Teeth Problems to Watch For

The biggest issue to watch for related to puppy teeth occurs when a baby tooth doesn’t come out on its own. This can cause the permanent tooth to settle in an abnormal position, resulting in a poor bite, causing pain for the dog and making it harder for them to eat and chew.

If you notice a permanent tooth trying to come in where a baby tooth still remains, make an appointment with your veterinarian. Typically, the persistent tooth will need to be removed to avoid long-term issues.

Another issue to watch for is broken baby teeth or tooth discoloration. Should you notice either of these scenarios, bring your pet to see their veterinarian.

H4: Support Your Puppy’s Health with Dog Grooming in Crown Point

We know you only want the best for your new puppy and will do what it takes to help them teethe comfortably. In addition to their oral health, finding the right dog grooming in Crown Point will help support their wellness too. At Smoochie Pooch, we go the extra mile to help your puppy learn to love their grooming experience. We’ll take care of their skin, nails, ears, and coat and help you learn more about their grooming needs. Contact us today to book a grooming appointment for your puppy.